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Girls' leggings have been trendy for years, but recently, designers have made them funkier than ever with new prints and embellishments. Whether you need solids to go under a variety of outfits or you're looking for the perfect print to match a solid-colored tunic, it's easier than ever to find leggings for little girls.

Where to Buy Leggings for Girls

Girls' leggings are readily available at most clothing retailers and online. Some of the most popular places to purchase leggings for girls include:

  • Osh Kosh B'Gosh: There's a selection of solid colors as well as patterns like polka dots, stars, and Scottie dogs. They even have jeggings for girls.
  • Target: At Target, you'll find leggings featuring sequins, Hello Kitty, solids, lace, and more. What more could a girl ask for?
  • Old Navy: Here, you'll find quite the selection! There are leopard prints, polka dots, solids, stripes, peace signs, plaid, and more. This is one of the most extensive leggings collections out there, with something to go with almost any dress or tunic top.
  • GAP: This collection of girls' leggings is a bit more basic that some other stores, full of mostly the basic solids or discreet prints. There is some lace detailing on a few styles, but overall, these are the workhorse leggings that go under almost anything.
  • Justice: If bright patterns are what you seek, this is the place. Turquoise floral print leggings, tie-dye effects, and animal prints abound. You'll also find jeggings and other solids.
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  • Walmart: One of the perks of shopping for leggings at Walmart is the fact that there's one in almost every town so you can get them in a hurry without having to order online. However, Walmart doesn't have the selection that the other stores do, and you could be limited to just a few solid colors. Of course the selection at each store may be different, but you'll almost always be able to find something that will work at a bargain price.
  • Kohl's: Girls of all ages will be able to find leggings at Kohl's, and they're often on sale. There are stripes, polka dots, and solids, and you can also find more outrageous prints like leopard or zebra. Kohl's has a wide selection of styles.
  • Etsy: This may seem like an odd place to look for leggings, but if there's something specific you have in mind, you might be able to find something close or have a designer custom make a pair. You can get ruffled leggings, patterned styles, solid colors and more.
  • The Children's Place: Here, you'll find full-length and capri-length leggings trimmed in lace. There are solids prints to choose from, like hearts, dots, bows, metallic dots, sequins, leopard, and fair isle.

Any store that sells clothing for little girls is bound to have at least a few solid shades to choose from. For the most versatility, try lightweight jeggings, black, brown, navy blue, or gray as wardrobe staples.

How to Wear Them

Leggings are popular with girls of all ages. Kids adore them because they are so comfortable and moms love them because they are versatile and affordable. In fact, leggings are one the most inexpensive fashion trends for girls. It's not unusual to find cotton girls' leggings for less than five dollars per pair. That includes solids, prints, and even styles embellished with sequins or metallic accents.

Legging Do's

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In addition to being affordable, girls' leggings are also extremely functional. They can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing that many girls already have hanging in their closets. For example, leggings go well with:

  • Tunics
  • Oversized tees
  • Sweaters
  • Mini dresses
  • Long shirts belted at the waist
  • Barn jackets
  • Mini skirts

Legging Don'ts

Don't pair them with cropped, tight-fitting tops no matter what the girl's body type. They aren't the most flattering pants choice for anyone when they're all on display, and they work best when most of the upper portion is covered, down to the tops of the legs or at least low on the hips.

Fall Legging Idea

Transition Summer to Fall

Because kids grow quickly, it's important to stretch out their clothing as much as possible. What fits at the end of one season will likely be too small the next.

Leggings are a perfect solution to help transition a little girl's spring and summer dresses into the fall and winter. Stocking up on low-cost leggings to extend that warm weather wardrobe into the colder months is a great way to make the most of your wardrobe budget.

Budget-Friendly Wardrobe Booster

A little girl's wardrobe can always benefit from at least a few pairs of leggings. They're functional and affordable, plus they can carry a summer wardrobe into fall and possibly even winter with a little extra layering.

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