Girls Lace Socks

Girls wearing lace socks

Girls' lace socks are an absolute classic. From babyhood until about the age of six, these are almost standard for every young girl. You can find lace socks in a range of cute styles and colors making them perfect to coordinate with just about anything.

Where to Find Lace Socks

You can find lace socks anywhere that sells girls' clothing and accessories. Basic lace socks are such a standard in girls' clothing departments and at most children's boutiques. If you are shopping online, there are many choices to consider including:

In Fashion Kids

In Fashion Kids has several styles of elaborate socks for girls. Most styles are priced under $5 and come in sizes up to five years. Some styles with lace to check out are:

Best Dressed Child

pink socks

If you want something special for a first communion, wedding, holiday or other special occasion, Best Dressed Child has several lace sock options to choose from that are priced under $10. Some to consider include:

Pink Princess

Simple but still dressy socks can be found at Pink Princess. Expect to find socks priced under $10 that are perfect for weddings, pageants and any other dressy affair at this site. Some cute socks with lace that will make your little girl feel like a princess include:

  • Pink Rose Chain Lace Socks: These delicate ankle socks feature a chain of pretty pink roses on top of white lace. They also are available with white or purple roses.
  • White Socks with Ruffled Trim: These fancy dress socks have a ruffle with lace trim at the bottom of each cuff and a small bow at the top of the sock. In addition to white, they also come in pink.

Snap Dragons Baby

Baby Lace Socks

Snap Dragons Baby has several socks featuring lace trim. Most styles are around or under $10. Some cute lace styles to consider include:

Caring for Lace Socks

It is always best to follow manufacturer's instructions for washing lace socks. While some inexpensive styles can be laundered on the delicate cycle, this is not true for all lace socks. Most fine lace socks must be washed by hand in cold water, lightly rolled in a towel, and then dried either flat or hanging by the toes.

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Girls Lace Socks