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Girls 70s fashion was as funky and diverse as the young generation who wore it. From miniskirts to long dresses, the 1970s was a fun time to be a child or teen, as the clothing options featured a wide variety of options. Below is a recap of just some of the trends found in girls 70s fashion.

Defining Yourself

Just like their older counterparts, fashions for youngsters in the 1970s was all about personality and personal definition. Girls could choose to wear a long, flowing dress to school one day, followed by bell bottoms or trousers the next. Whatever mood a young lady was in, there was a clothing item available to go with it.

The 1970s also featured plenty of bold colors and patterns. Jumpers that would be trendy today in neutral or pastel tones were all the rage then in vibrant reds, blues and greens. Paisley carried over from the 1960s, and many plaids were also popular.

Common Trends in Girls 70s Fashion

Minskirts were very popular with young girls and teens, either paired with a shirt or blouse, or as a jumper. The check flared skirt worn by many young women was very trendy in the early to mid 1970s, and mini dresses that featured a checkered or diamond pattern. Miniskirts also featured tropical prints and other exotic patterns that were reminiscent of far-off dream locales, a fashion trend that has made a comeback in recent years. Empire waists also finished off many looks, and you could find them in many outfits for both the young and mature.

Granny dresses were also very popular with little girls. These often featured high necklines that could be trimmed with ric rac or lace. Almost all of these dresses were floral print with an empire waist. Girls also wore solid colored knee socks with their jumpers or short dresses, while long dresses allowed for a variety of shoe types.

The World Over

Girls 70s fashions were also heavily influenced by world travel. Peasant blouses hit the scene with ric rac trim and full sleeves. Crocheted sweaters were also popular, inspired by the current look of Spain, while ponchos also became prolific in children's clothing lines. Chinese quilted jackets were also popular with youngsters, main of them with elaborate designs in their print. Various accessories also took their cue from overseas traditions, such as friendship bracelets that evolved over the decades and continue to be trendy today.

Other Styles

Despite all of these trends, dresses and colorful bracelets obviously weren't worn every day. During colder months, trousers became very popular. These may have had a slight flare, all the way up to full out bell bottoms. Any level of flair was acceptable, and was really up to the girl's personal preference.

Hair bands, braids, and long straight hair were also popular with children of the 1970s. These are just a few of the many girls 70s fashion trends that existed. If you would like to learn more about this decade, ask a relative who was a child in the 1970s - or perhaps you are the right age that you can dig up pictures from your own girlhood and take a reminiscent look.

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Girls 70s Fashion