Fleece Jackets for Toddlers

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Lightweight, warm and breathable, fleece jackets for toddlers are the perfect option for chilly spring and autumn days. Fleece wears well and allows a child to be active and comfortable.

Toddlers' Fleece Jacket Options

You can find fleece jackets during fall and winter at most children's stores, department stores and specialty boutiques. You can also shop year-round online at sites such as:


Patagonia is one of the biggest names in good fleece outerwear. In addition to being the best quality, Patagonia's environmental commitment is second to none and prized by people devoted to the outdoors. Some of Patagonia's fleecewear for toddlers includes:

  • Baby Retro-X Jacket: This windproof, pullover jacket is made of 78 percent recycled polyester and has a knobby, quarter-inch nap and a lightweight nylon lining. In addition, it has hand warmer pockets and Supplex nylon on the collar, pockets and hem for a contrast finish. The drop-tail design adds protection behind and the Spandex binding at the neck prevents chafing. There is a "hand-me-down" ID label inside, convenient for a jacket that is bound to have several owners. This jacket is priced just under $80 and comes in sizes up to 5 toddler.
  • Baby Synchilla Fleece Cardigan: Available in several adorable prints or solids, this double-faced polyester fleece jacket will keep your child comfortable in a range of temperatures. The zipper is backed by a wind flap and there is Spandex binding at the hood opening and cuffs to keep drafts at bay. The fabric is recycled polyester. It is priced about $55 and comes in sizes up to 5 toddler.
  • Baby Reversible Tribbles Jacket: If you want to combine all the advantages of fleece but have built-in weather resistance as well, this jacket is perfect. Made of recycled polyester, one side features high-pile fleece and the other sports a Deluge DWR (that's "durable water repellent") finish. In between is a layer of Thermogreen polyester that adds warmth without bulk. There are elastic cuffs and elbow patches, guaranteeing a long life. Elastic on the hood and hem keep the jacket in place even during snow play. There are hand warmer pockets and a reflective zipper to improve safety. The jacket comes in a number of colors and patterns and is recyclable. It is priced at $99 and comes in sizes up to 5 five toddler.

For in-between days, you might also consider a fleece vest. Both the Retro-X and Synchilla come in vest form, perfect for keeping the core warm while the arms are free for active play.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean has fleece jackets for toddler boys and girls. Just like clothing and outerwear for adults, toddler clothing is durable and made from quality materials. Some fleece options for toddlers include:

  • Toddlers' Trail Model Fleece Hooded Jacket comes in sizes 2 to 4 toddler. This jacket is made from water-resistant fleece and can be worn as a jacket or layered under a shell. It also has a 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material back triangle for added visibility and safety. It comes in colors such as red, blue, navy, orange, purple and sapphire and is priced around $45.


Columbia makes quality sportswear for the entire family. Their fleece jackets use innovative technologies designed for warmth and dryness. Some fleece styles for toddlers include:

  • Boys Snow Buddy Fleece Jacket is perfect for cold, winter days. It has a wind and water resistant overlay and is made from polyester fleece. This jacket comes in two-tone colors such as blue, navy, green, black and red. It is priced at $30 and is available in sizes up to r toddler.

Soft and Comfortable

Toddlers will love the soft, comfortable feel of fleece. Parents will appreciate the warmth that fleece will bring to their child and love the various styles and patterns of fleece jackets on the market. Whether you want something for casual wear or are looking for something to take you on an outdoor adventure, fleece jackets are ideal for toddlers to wear on a cool day.

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Fleece Jackets for Toddlers