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Five Great Fashion Tips for Girls

girls' fashion

For girls, finding a "signature look" isn't always simple. With so many beautiful and trendy clothing items on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed. In addition, for some girls it's tempting to want to look just like everyone else at school rather than developing their own unique style. Fortunately, if you stick to some basic tips, you're sure to a fashion success story.

Five Essential Girls' Fashion Tips

1. Know Your Best Colors

tween color

Have you noticed that certain colors make you look great? It may seem random, but there's actually a science to finding the right colors for you. You probably fit into one of the following categories:

  • Winter - If you have fair skin with a pink glow or cool dark skin and hair in a contrasting tone, you are probably a "winter." Your best colors are blues, purples, cool reds, bright white, and gray.
  • Summer - If you have any shade of skin with a warm, rosy glow to it and hair that is similar in tone, you are likely a "summer." This means your best colors are pale blue, light pink, lavender, and pale yellow.
  • Spring - If you have creamy skin (with or without freckles) and have warm blond, red, or dark hair, you may be a "spring." If so, you look best in aqua, peach, warm pinks, ivory, and camel colors.
  • Autumn - If you have peach, ivory, olive, or coppery skin and warm-toned hair, you may be an "autumn." You look great in warm reds, browns, olive green, golds, and ivory.

You can get some ideas about your best colors by looking at some of your favorite tops and dresses. If you still aren't sure about the best colors for you, try this quiz from Seventeen magazine.

2. Show off Your Best Features

belt and jacket

Although it may seem more tempting to try to hide the parts of yourself you don't like as well, it's actually better to show off the features you really love. What parts of your body to people compliment? Is it your strong legs? Maybe you love the shape of your shoulders or your waist. Make a list of things you love about yourself, and then use these tips to show off those great features:

  • Legs - Show off your strong legs with skinny jeans, leggings, tights, and shorts. Wearing bright colors on the bottom and darker colors on top draws attention to this area.
  • Shoulders - If you love your shoulders, show them off with structured jackets, puff-sleeved blouses, and ruffled necklines. Details like sequins or flowers near the shoulders will draw the eye to that part of your body.
  • Waist - Call attention to your waist by wearing belts or sashes tied there. You can also choose dresses or jackets that nip in a little at the waist.
  • Arms - Short sleeves are one of the easiest ways to show off your arms, but they aren't always practical. In winter, consider layering a short-sleeved t-shirt over a bright-colored long-sleeved top.

3. Keep Your Occasion in Mind

tween beach

The situation you're dressing for just as much as any other factor when you're deciding what to wear. Before you dig through your closet or head out on a shopping trip, take a few minutes to think about where you'll be wearing this look.

  • School - Your school probably has a dress code that gives guidelines about what you can wear. Read up on this before you pick your outfit. You'll want to stick to fairly casual but still nice outfits like jeans and sweaters if your school doesn't require a uniform.
  • Party - Before you plan your outfit, ask the person hosting the party what she will be wearing. Then take your cues from her. If she's going with a sequined top and skinny jeans, feel free to break out your favorite glitzy t-shirt. If she's wearing a party dress, you can too.
  • Special occasion - For weddings, graduations, and other special occasions, you'll need to match the style of the event. Jeans are never appropriate for these occasions, but you may not need to wear a formal dress either. If you are unsure of just how formal an event wil be, have your parents talk to the hosts about what is appropriate.
  • Beach - Have fun at the beach, choosing a bright swimsuit with a modest cut. Add a fun cover-up like a sarong or beach dress and a pair of flip-flops.

4. Stretch Your Budget

tween hat

No matter what your shopping budget is, it's always hard to make it go far enough. To stretch your shopping dollars, try these hints:

  • Invest in lots of cute accessories that can add trendy style to classic tops and jeans.
  • Choose separates that can work together in different ways, allowing you to mix and match for dozens of fun looks.
  • Consider shopping at a thrift store, vintage clothing shop or consignment store for a few pieces that are affordable and unique.
  • Never underestimate the power of a cute slouchy hat and a fun scarf to take a ho-hum outfit to the next level.

5. Make Sure It Fits

try it on

No matter how cute an outfit is, if it's too big or too small, it won't look good. Always try clothes on before you buy them so you can get the best sense of how they'll look on you. Remember these hints:

  • If it's too tight to move around in comfortably, it's not worth buying because you'll never wear it.
  • When trying on shorts or mini-skirts, bend over before deciding if they are are too short to wear.
  • If the shoulder seams hang off your shoulders, a top or jacket is too big.
  • Only wear one baggy item at a time to avoid looking like your clothes don't fit.
  • Make sure separates look nice together, not just by themselves.

Wear It with Confidence

Ultimately, the most important fashion advice is to wear your clothing with confidence. Stand up straight, smile, and be proud of yourself and your fashion choices. As long as you're confident, you'll be well on your way to becoming a fashionista.

Five Great Fashion Tips for Girls