Custom Childrens Bucket Hats

Bucket hat for kids

Custom childrens bucket hats are perfect for kids who want to work out design details on an accessory of their choice. Hats can even be customized from a child's sketches, and there are plenty of mix-and-match options available as well as home-based craft projects.

What Is a Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats are perfect for kids of all ages. A bucket hat keeps hair from blowing around, keeps the sun off kids' faces, and is great for rain when fashioned in a water-repellant fabric. These hats fit low around the face and have a wide, soft brim that can be pulled down over the eyes and ears, or flipped up at your leisure. The hat is often thought of by children as the "Paddington Bear Hat."

How to Customize a Kid's Bucket Hat

You might be wondering how to customize your child's hat for an upcoming festivity. Have a look and see what you come up with, and the kid who receives your hat won't be disappointed.

  • Embroidery: It's a fact that kids love anything with their name printed on it, and the bigger their name, the better! Choose anything from initials to script, and select a fun color that will complement your bucket hat of choice. If you want to really mix things up, see if you can get a block-printed monogram in rainbow colors.
  • Painting: Painting a hat yourself is another customizing option, although you have to be fairly confident in your abilities! Try sketching a design on the hat before you start painting, and have a back-up plan if your design falls through. Some of the easiest child-pleasing designs are smiley faces, fruits, vegetables, or sports equipment. Bugs and animals are excellent designs too.
  • Custom Fabrics: Some people who customize bucket hats allow you to choose the fabric, and that means you can find one that matches a kid's personality perfectly. You can even collaborate with the person in charge of making the hat, find your own fabric at a local fabric shop and then send it to them for construction. Expect to pay a little bit more, but it's worth it.
  • Custom Details: Sunglasses holders, tiny pockets, brooches and beads can all be added to a child's hat. You can add some of these details yourself without trouble, or ask a talented sewer to do so to a store-bought hat.

Buy Custom Childrens Bucket Hats

Customized hats aren't easy to find, but if you know what to look for, you'll pick up some great sellers that you can depend on for customized pieces. If you want to shop for custom childrens bucket hats, these are some of the best options out there.

  • Etsy is a smart place to shop for a bucket hat, since you can collaborate directly with your seller to find the best option. You can measure your child's head and get the perfect hat stitched just for you, or you can collaborate on fabrics and trims for the perfect look.
  • If you are just looking for hats with personalization like embroidery or a decorative design, you might want to check out locations like Customized Wear and Stitched for Kids. You'll find that kids' bucket hats are easier to buy when you don't need the design details changed, and a simple online search can give you even more options.
  • eBay is a good place to select hats for embroidery and other simple customization. You can connect with plenty of craftspeople and commercial sellers who can add your child's initials to one of their stock bucket hats, and send it straight to your home.

If you want to get a family project going with a child, you can always purchase a bucket hat. Then, gather all the customizing options like paint, pins, beads, patches and fabric markers. With these supplies in hand, any kid can make a funky hat for school or for play.

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