Current Fashion Trend for Girls

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Just when you think you've filled your daughter's closet with all the latest clothing and accessories, the current fashion trend for girls changes. How can you keep your girl dressed fashionably without breaking the bank? We'll show you how!

Following the Current Fashion Trend for Girls

Even very young girls are often discovered emulating TV and magazine actresses, models, and entertainers, particularly when it comes to fashion trends. Designers release anywhere from two to four new collections each year, so keeping up with the current fashion trend for girls can be difficult and expensive. However, if you've ever watched a broadcast of a fashion show in Paris or New York, you probably decided that most of those fashions simply wouldn't work for your girl or even for yourself. Still, girls often want to portray a particular image, and that generally starts with the clothing they select.

True designer fashions are very expensive, but fortunately there are numerous clothing stores, like [Justice for Girls Clothing Store|Justice] and [Gymboree Clothing|Gymboree] that offer great clothing designs at a fraction of what those trendy New York labels charge. The key to keeping abreast of the current fashion trends is knowing how to revamp items you already have while adding a few select pieces to a wardrobe.

Trendy Clothing

Each season there is typically one or two "must have" items. These items may be as simple as a pair of leggings or a brightly colored scarf, and adding these items to your girl's closet may be all she needs to feel fashionably decked out. Before you encourage her to delve too deeply into the fashion world, however, take this opportunity to point out a few things to her.

  • Not all clothing designs look great on every person who attempts to wear them. Of course they probably look great on the model, but in reality, many of these styles just don't fit right except on exclusive body styles. Just because a piece of clothing looks good on the rack or a mannequin doesn't mean it will look right on her.
  • Color really does matter. Some colors may bring out the sparkle in your girl's eyes, but others may detract from her innocent beauty. Don't be afraid to purchase a variety of items in one particular color, or buy items in a variety of shades of that beautiful hue.
  • Don't go all out stocking up on items that are considered fads. The one true fact about fads is that they will go out of style, and some will go out sooner than others. Purchase items that will be in style until your daughter outgrows them. Today's fads include peasant tops, colorful scarves, long tees, and madras sundresses, among many other styles. However, these popular items may not be around forever, so don't go overboard by purchasing multiple items. Adding one or two trendy outfits to your daughter's more classic clothing will help you stick to a budget and keep her happy at the same time.
  • Sexy shouldn't apply to little girls. Your daughter will grow up fast, and before you know it, she'll probably be choosing clothing that is a bit more revealing and form-fitting. Until then, hang on to the innocence of youth by avoiding clothing that is just…well…sexy. Clothing that is designed to enhance the female figure should be saved for girls who are at least in their teens. There are plenty of adorable and fashionable clothing designs out there that still allow girls to look sweet and innocent.


The current fashion trend for girls may stipulate strappy sandals, colorful belts, and roomy purses, and if your daughter is old enough to wear these, you can update her wardrobe with one or two of these popular accessories. Simply adding a new belt, headband, scarf, or beads to an outfit can create a whole new look for just a few bucks.

Recreating the Look

How can you recreate those popular styles you see in magazines and on TV? Look for similar items in cheaper venues, like the following:

  • Keep checking the clearance racks of your favorite store for bargains.
  • For more vintage looks, check out your local thrift stores.
  • Purchase gently used clothing at consignment stores and sales.
  • Check out the classifieds in your newspaper and of course visit online classifieds like Craigslist and online auction sites like eBay.
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Current Fashion Trend for Girls