Christmas Apparel for Children

Christmas Sweaters for Boys

Outfitting the kids in Christmas dress for children is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, whether you attend religious services, family get-togethers or simply relax at home amid all the new toys and presents.

Types of Christmas Dress for Children

When choosing the perfect Christmas outfits, think about where the kids will wear them. Are you attending a family member's annual holiday bash, where dressy attire is expected? Maybe you're going to the grandparents' home, where the main activities will consist of a lot of hot cocoa drinking, board games and playing with toys. If your family has several different holiday events to attend, choose appropriate garments depending on the situation.

Dressy Occasions

For those times where children need to be dressed in their "Sunday best," you'll finally be able to see your son or daughter wearing those adorable, grownup-looking clothes that they don't wear every day. Boys may wear dress clothes such as suits, dress slacks, button-up long-sleeved shirts and neckties. It's appropriate to dress even the youngest children in such attire for church services. If a suit isn't required, your little gentleman can still look neat in a pair of dress slacks, collared shirt and sweater vest.

Christmas Dresses

Girls have a wealth of options in Christmas dresses. Your biggest dilemma may be deciding on a color, as you'll find holiday dresses for girls in colors such as red, forest green, white, black and navy blue, along with a combination of any of these. This is the perfect time of year for velvet dresses, as well as fake fur trims and satin. Add a pair of Christmas tights, dress shoes, perhaps a hair accessory or two, and a girl's outfit is complete.

More Casual Occasions

When kids don't need to adhere to such a dressy dress code, appropriate Christmas dress for children may be an outfit as simple as a holiday-themed sweater or sweatshirt, plus jeans. They'll probably want to be comfortable if they're going to play games, play with distant relatives who they don't see often, sit and drink hot chocolate, shop for Christmas trees, build snowmen, make snow angels and such.

Fortunately, around the holidays, plenty of seasonal attire becomes available, so not only children, but adults can also find sweaters and sweatshirts adorned with reindeer, snowflakes, candy canes, gingerbread people, Santa, trees and more. Just the combination of red and green makes people think about Christmas, so pairing those two colors makes your look holiday-ready in an instant.

Finding Christmas Apparel for Kids

Besides looking into your local department stores and children's clothing sections, try these retailers for adorable Christmas fashions for kids of all ages:

Enjoy the Season

Because children don't usually get to wear such formal and dressy attire as the holidays so often call for, they may be excited to put on such fancy duds. Fancy girls' dresses and other holiday-themed clothing will begin to hit stores around Halloween. The earlier you shop, the more selection you can expect to find. You may want to have several different outfits for the kids, so that they'll be properly dressed for various events, whether it's attending a school Christmas play, Sunday School service, Christmas day services, or simply relaxing among food, family and lots of gifts.

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Christmas Apparel for Children