Childrens Winter Hats

Childrens Winter Hats

For parents who know that their kids are unlikely to keep up with cold weather accessories, having a selection of children's winter hats on hand will help make sure there's at least one head covering available on chilly mornings.

About Winter Hats

Fortunately, you can usually find winter hats at reasonable prices. Kids are notorious for losing items like hats, gloves and mittens; if they lose a hat, it's not as expensive as losing a coat. It makes sense to have several hats stashed and easily accessible, perhaps next to where winter coats are kept. On busy mornings when everyone is rushing to get to school or work on time, kids can simply grab a hat if they're not picky about color and be on their way out the door.

While close-fitting knit caps are always popular, other types of children's winter hats include:

  • Bucket hats: These hats aren't only for spring and summer. You'll find bucket hats made of fleece, knit material, leather and wool for wintertime. Not only will a bucket hat keep heads covered and warm, but they also provide shade for the eyes with their all-around brim.
  • Berets: Expect to see more girls wearing berets, which can add personality to girlish outfits like plaid skirts and winter dresses. Set jauntily off-center, berets don't offer as much coverage as ski caps, but are more of a stylish accessory.
  • Newsboy caps: These stylish brimmed caps work year-round, but for winter, look for materials like corduroy, leather or tweed for extra warmth. Newsboy caps look equally good on both boys and girls.
  • Ski caps/knit hats: The ever popular knit hat is available in a wide range of colors and designs. Solids, striped and patterned designs are easy to find when winter wear moves into stores. For crafty types who knit, you can whip up a hat in a matter of hours; this way, kids can be involved in the creative process by asking for favorite colors and details. They'll have a unique hat that's truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Earflap hats: Kids won't have to look for earmuffs when they wear an earflap hat. Flaps attached to the hat protect delicate ears from the cold.

Buying Children's Winter Hats

Shop in your local department stores, children's boutiques or specialty retailers for a selection of kids' hats for winter. You can also look into these online stores for even more variety:

  • Little Lids supplies kids with hats of all kinds, from newborns to preteens. Expect to pay a little more than mass-produced hats you'll find in the mall, but the detail and uniqueness of these hats makes them worth it for parents who want hats beyond the ordinary.
  • Winter Kids has a selection of ski gear for children, including hats. You'll find plenty of fleece caps, knit hats and beanies in all colors and tons of unique designs, perfect for boys and girls of all ages.
  • Cabela's carries winter gear and accessories, including plenty of hats for keeping kids warm. Beanies, watch hats and adorable berets are among the selection you'll find here.
  • Vermont Originals hats are made in the U.S.A. and full of color and originality. Stripes, hearts, flowers, stars, snowflakes, cars and trucks are just some of the designs you'll find on these hats for boys and girls.
  • Rugged Bear carries a full selection of colorful and vibrant winter hats at reasonable prices. Kids will love the designs and patterns on these fun knit caps.

Different Hats

While having hats in solid colors is practical, look for kid-friendly patterns as well when buying winter hats. Children are more likely to wear their hats (and not conveniently lose them) when they like what they're wearing. Just make sure there are at least two or three different hats waiting by the door on the way out on chilly mornings.

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Childrens Winter Hats