Childrens Christmas Nightgowns


Childrens Christmas nightgowns are a special part of childhood, and many times they are immortalized in family photos for generations to come. Choose the right nightgown for your Christmas cherub this year with these shopping tips and recommendations.

What to Look For in Childrens Christmas Nightgowns

When the holiday season hits, you will find childrens Christmas nightgowns in practically every department and children's specialty store. In fact, with many stores now rolling out their holiday duds as early as September, you have probably been seeing nightgowns with a festive twist coming out earlier than ever before. With the rain or snow falling, chances are your kids are itching for some comfortable new bedtime clothes, and there is no better choice for your daughter than a seasonal nightgown.

When purchasing a nightgown, it's important you consider comfort first. With all the novelty prints and adorable fabrics available, this can be tough to remember - but since this apparel is for sleeping, you'll want something comfortable enough to spend all night in. If you live in a warm climate, avoid the long-sleeved flannel options, instead going for cotton, or in some cases, polyester or nightgowns. If you live where it is particularly cool at nights, a lined flannel nightgown is more appropriate.

You should also look for a little growing room. There's no shame in getting two years of use out of a nightgown if possible, so look for elastic cuffs and hems that are able to be brought down. When thinking about growth, you may also want to consider the design itself. If you choose a popular cartoon character or childish holiday print, there is a risk your child will not like it next year. Instead, keep it simple with plaid, holiday flowers, or other seasonal print that is more timeless than trendy.

Finally, set your budget. Nightgowns come in all price ranges, and when it comes for children, you needn't spend much for a great gown. If your daughter has her eye on a particularly pricey ensemble, consider placing it under the Christmas tree instead of making it part of just a regular shopping trip.

Places to Buy

There are many different places to purchase childrens Christmas nightgowns. It's only natural to turn to your favorite stores for their selection, but there are sometimes better bargains found online. features some festive designs, including candy cane print nightgowns.

Finally, for babies, visit Grammie's Attic, which features a high end red nightgown that can easily become a cherished family heirloom. Sweet and simple, it is an adorable investment for future generations after your little one has outgrown it.

Sewing for the Holidays

If you've ever wanted to learn to sew, childrens Christmas nightgowns are a great practice item. Simple to sew, they make wonderful gifts when the sleepwear is complete. You can make nightgowns not only for your own daughter, but for every little girl in your family as well, and save plenty of money in your Christmas budget. Choose different fabrics and designs to personalize the nightgowns to every girl you know.

Pattern companies such as Butterick sell reasonably priced patterns that can get you started on the path toward sewing success.

Picking a Favorite

If you're going to the store and the nightgown isn't a gift, don't forget to get your child involved. You may come across that special nightgown she loves, that you never would've thought to buy on your own. The holidays are full of magic and warmth - bring some home to bedtime as well.

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Childrens Christmas Nightgowns