Children's Holiday Pajamas

Ready for Santa?

Buying children's holiday pajamas is yet another way to get kids ready for this special time of year. For kids who celebrate Christmas, it can be great fun to get dressed in all types of holiday apparel, from dressy clothing to more casual wear.

Children's holiday pajamas are usually made of thicker material to keep them warm during the cold winter season. You'll find a wide variety of sleepwear for kids, from shirt and pant sets to adorable footed options.

This gallery offers just a sampling of what you'll typically find in pajamas made just for kids, just for the holidays.

Footed and Warm

Green, red and plenty of warm fabrics make perfect holiday sleepwear options for kids. Girls and boys alike will love wearing pajamas that help them celebrate the season.

Red Children's Holiday Pajamas

Red is a hugely popular color in holiday pajamas. You'll find solid red sleepwear, as well as lots of patterns like snowflakes, candy canes, trees, snowmen and more.

Snowflakes Galore

Snowflakes are just one pattern option when it comes to Christmas pajamas.

Plenty of Plaid

Red and green plaid bring about plenty of holiday spirit. Add candy cane stripes to a pair of footed pajamas for even more seasonal fun.

Peace and Joy

Not only do these seasonal pajamas feature winter wonderland items like wreaths, stars and houses, they also share the sentiment of "Peace."

Double the Holiday Fun

Twins will look especially cute and full of cheer in these matching warm pajamas.

Present Fun

Opening presents on Christmas morning will be especially joyful when a child can wear her favorite holiday-themed sleepwear.

Sweet Dreams

While waiting for Santa to arrive, kids can get a good night's sleep in holiday pajamas.

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Children's Holiday Pajamas