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Boys' dressy apparel may not be something that your child wears every day, but when that special occasion rolls around you'll want him to look extra nice.

Formal Wear for Boys

Formal clothing for boys can consist of everything from tuxedos to toddler boys' pinstripe dress suits. Since your child will likely outgrow a suit before he gets the chance to wear it very much, you'll want to look for options that might make the suit wearable to a variety of events. A suit that comes with a jacket and a vest can be worn to both semi-formal and formal occasions. The slacks can be worn with a polo shirt for a more casual, but still dressy look. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Saving Money on Boys' Dressy Apparel

Because dress clothes can be so expensive at a time when kids outgrow clothing as quickly as you can purchase them, you may want to look for options such as buying formal clothes secondhand or borrowing from a friend of family member. Be sure to check clearance racks and sales for the best deals.

Formal Wear Stores

There are many places to purchase formal items for boys. You can try traditional brick and mortar stores, such as JCPenney and Sears. Easter is a good time to find some really cute suits. However, there are also many online options. If you are purchasing toddler clothes, where fit is not as important, you can easily purchase items online. For older kids, be sure to measure and use the online sizing charts.

Boys' Formal Clothing