Camo Apparel for Little Girls

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Camo apparel for little girls proves that fashion isn't restricted by typical gender boundaries. Whether your daughter keeps up with the boys or prefers to play with dolls, the camo pattern is a fun addition to her closet.

Basics of Camo Apparel

Camo apparel goes beyond hunting clothes or military uniforms. Many clothing brands are catering to girls with cute and stylish camo apparel options. This primer explains the anatomy of camo apparel for girls in more detail.

Types of Camo Clothing

Camo apparel comes in almost any form of clothing for girls. Even clothing in infant and toddler girl sizes is available with a camo pattern influence. The common types of camo clothes for girls include:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Overalls
  • Sweatshirts
  • Onesies
  • Sleepers
  • Accessories

Unless an outfit comes together, pairing two different pieces that are both camouflage patterns can be difficult. Choose either a top or bottom with a camo print and pair it with a solid color for the other pieces of apparel.


Camo usually brings to mind earthy greens and browns. While many girls' apparel items incorporate the traditional camo colors, they also break tradition with other color patterns. Pink, purple, blue and other colors often serve a fashion purpose in camo patterns. Consider the child's favorite colors when selecting the camouflage clothing color.

Where to Find Camo Apparel for Little Girls

While you may find a few camo print items in brick and mortar stores, the online selection is easier to shop. Check out these online shops that carry camouflage apparel for little girls.

  • My Baby Rocks carries camo onesies for baby girls who want to show off their fashion sense.
  • Bass Pro carries girls camo clothing for babies and toddlers. Most of their items are the traditional green and brown camo. They sell onesies, dresses, yoga pants, sleepers, overalls and other camo items for girls.
  • Fatigues Army Navy is another online store carrying kids' camo apparel.

If you're looking for more girls camo apparel, try searching on your favorite store's website. You may hit the jackpot and come up with some trendy and cute apparel for your little girl. Fashion trends fluctuate so keep an eye out in the little girls clothing section to determine when camo is in style. When it shows up in one store, you can bet that it will likely start popping up everywhere little girls' clothing is sold.

Create Your Own Camo Apparel

Can't find the camo apparel you want for your little girl? Consider making your own camouflage clothes with a girly touch. Check out the fabric section of your favorite craft store for a camo print fabric. You might also find a bandana with a camo pattern that will work. Use the camo fabric with a pattern to create girls' apparel or add the camo fabric to a plain shirt as an accent. A simple idea is to cut a shape from the fabric and attach it to a shirt.

Make a Fashion Statement

Camo apparel for little girls adds a new dimension to the wardrobe. Even if the child isn't trying to blend into her surroundings, she might enjoy putting on a camo outfit.

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Camo Apparel for Little Girls