Boys Winter Coats

Fun Boys Winter Coats

Boys (and girls too) love to have fun playing outside in the wintertime, so a good coat is an absolute necessity. Think practical (length, fabric, and hood), but also pay attention to style. For older boys, they will definitely want to choose their own jacket.

Ski Style

Whether your son skis or not, he may well enjoy having a ski jacket as his winter coat. Both on the slopes and off, the ski jacket style has been a popular choice with children for many years.

Practical Snowsuit

In instances where your son really wants to be outside and stay warm, a coat that is integrated into a snowsuit can be a great option. Even if your son is only playing outside for an hour in the snow, and a jacket and pants would suffice, a suit such as this one can come in handy because of its one-piece nature.

Down Jacket

A puff jacket is another popular choice among children. This style is also popular with adults; however, most parents think their children look much cuter in this style than they do. When purchasing this type of jacket, be sure to check if the jacket can get extensively wet or not; many down jackets will be damaged by rain or being soaked by snow.

Warmth of Wool

Wool jackets provide superior warmth and a different style from the traditional ski or down styles of jackets. Wool can add a flavor of natural fiber to your son's wardrobe, and is just as warm as many other materials. If you live in a rainy climate, you may want to bypass this option as wool becomes very heavy when wet (and doesn't smell very nice either). In true winter climates, wool is an excellent choice.

Fleece Boys Winter Coats

Fleece is a popular fabric for winter jackets in regions where the temperature is not very extreme. Because fleece lets wind through it, this type of jacket is insufficient in northern winters. If this fabric is warm enough in your region, it is a fun and stylish option.

Football Winter Jacket

Whether your son is an athlete or not, a football-styled jacket can be cute. For older boys, this type of jacket is often chosen by the child himself; for toddlers, this jacket is very cute and, therefore, a favorite among parents.

Practical Coats

Whichever style of jacket strikes your fancy, remember to think about some practical issues in choosing a jacket. For example, is the jacket long enough to keep your son's body warm? Are there pockets for the things he likes to pick up on his adventures? Is there a hood to keep his head warm? All of these practicalities are very important in an item such as a winter jacket.

Practical & Stylish

Practical elements of winter coats can also be style elements. This hood, rimmed with fur, shows how a practical thing such as a hood on a winter jacket can also serve as a style statement.

Mini Winter Coats

This toddler is looking super cute in his mini-sized boys winter coat. Even the littlest ones have to be kept warm in winter when outdoors. If you have a very young boy, you can use blankets in the stroller, but from the age of two to five months and onwards, you'll really want to have a good jacket. Whatever your style, whether athletic or preppy, there are more than enough winter jackets from which to choose. You're bound to find one that's warm enough and that you adore.

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Boys Winter Coats