Boys Skateboard Hoodie

Boys Skateboard Hoodie

If you know a young skater who wants to be trendy while riding his board, a boy's skateboard hoodie may be just the garment he needs.

Popularity of Hoodies

Hoodies are a popular piece of clothing for people of all ages. Naturally soft, casual and comfortable, they're great for slipping into without having to put a lot of thought into an outfit. Boys can pair them with jeans, shorts and khakis. Skaters who want to make a statement in their hoodies may look for particular logos or graphics.

A boy's skateboard hoodie can take the young skater throughout most of the year. Boys can wear them over a tee shirt or other long-sleeved tops in cold weather. They can choose pullover or zip-up options. When it comes to hoodies, there are plenty of variations.

Looking the Part

A big part of skater culture is looking the part. Most skateboard enthusiasts adopt a certain "look," whether it's longer hair or slouchy clothes. If hoodies are the "in" item for the hip skaters, then expect to see them on boys of all ages.

Hoodies can go a long way toward reducing scrapes as well. In addition to elbow pads, the extra layering hoodies provide may help concerned parents feel better about letting their boys take to the road on a skateboard.

Where to Buy a Boy's Skateboard Hoodie

While you can walk into the Boys section of a department store and find hoodies if they're in season, you may find a larger selection shopping at stores that cater to the skater market. In some areas, surf shops and skateboard shops sell the same merchandise. In any case, buying from a retailer that specializes in skater culture is sure to yield a good offering of hoodies that skateboarders will love.

These online stores carry a selection of skateboard hoodies:

  • Sturban Clothing sells skater, hip hop and camo attire. You'll find various hoodies here for skaters, in cool graphic prints and colors, as well as the ever-popular black.
  • Skate Wearhouse has everything you could ever want, offering several brands from which to choose.
  • Zumiez is a well-know and much-beloved brand of skater clothing.

While you can also shop mainstream stores, such as Gap or Abercrombie & Fitch, skater wear is also developed in the streets (often designed by the skateboarders themselves who couldn't find what they wanted in stores) and urban settings, and many skaters prefer a more "underground" style of shop. They can be just as choosy about the brand of clothing they wear as a designer duds fan, and they'll be more familiar with companies like Mad Cow and Crooked Jaw than names that you'll find in any suburban mall.

The Right Fit

When it comes to boys' clothing, you'll find that a perfect fit usually translates into "slightly to quite a bit big." This is true of skater attire as well. Baggy jeans, loose-fitting tees and hoodies are generally preferred to anything close-fitting. When maneuvering on skateboards, boys need a large amount of freedom to move, so the loose styles favored by most skaters works to their advantage while skateboarding.

Not Just Clothing

For boys who carry and ride their skateboards everywhere, skateboard wear is more than just clothing; it can be an entire culture. Graphic tees, beanies, baggy pants and hoodies may be seen as a skater's "uniform."

Whatever age your young skateboarder is, having a collection of hoodies will probably keep him happy through most of the year. There are enough styles and designs to please most tastes, so whether he likes his hoodies plain and simple or with busy patterns, he can wear his hoodie, baggy pants and skateboarder shoes while riding and doing tricks, all in skater style.

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Boys Skateboard Hoodie