Boys Pea Coats

Boys Pea Coats
Boys pea coats are very versatile.

Boys' pea coats feature a classic style that is both fashionable and functional.

Benefits of Pea Coats

Pea coats for boys offer a timeless and tailored look that mixes and matches well with a variety of clothing items from jeans to suits. The military-style coat can be dressed up or down according to the occasion and is ideal for boys of all ages who want to look dashing during the winter months. While the plain navy-colored double-breasted wool version, originally worn by sailors in the late 1880s, is considered "conservative" by most, thanks to updates by fashion-forward designers, today's pea coats for boys reflect a hipper look.

Popular Boys' Pea Coats

Some of the most popular pea coats for boys can be found at:

Old Navy

The popular clothing store offers a wide notched lapel pea coat for boys with a six-button double-breasted front. The classic coat is made of rich wool and features taffeta lining, which offers warmth and softness.


The upscale department store carries a line of classic cut pea coats for boys from Triology. The coats are made from ultra-warm wool and feature a double-breasted button front, slit pockets and a matching plaid scarf.

Kids US Navy

The Kids US Navy Black Pea coat for boys will help your little one stay warm and dry even in wet, windy winter weather. The coat is made of heavyweight wool and features a classic front large lapel, high collar and rear center vent. In addition, the buttons are embossed with an anchor.

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau offers a modern looking pea coat for boys. It features the classic pea coat silhouette and double-breasted closure, but the look is updated with jazzy interior striped lining and padded sleeves. Also, unlike most traditional pea coats, this particular version is made of 100 percent cotton and is machine washable, which means you can cut down on expensive dry cleaning bills.


The popular department store carries a wide range of pea coats for boys, including some made from Melton wool. The classic winter coat also features military anchor buttons, hand-warmer pockets and nylon quilted lining.

Tips for Buying Pea Coats

Pea coats for boys look good on the sledding slopes as well as at formal events. Plus, most pea coats are highly durable, which means they will last for a number of years and can be handed down to a few siblings. However, it doesn't pay to purchase a pea coat your son will never wear.

By following the tips listed below you are guaranteed to find a pea coat your child will be happy to put on:

  • Examine the closures: Look at the type of closures the coat features. Are the buttons or toggles difficult for your son to manipulate? The easier a coat is to close, the more likely your child will be to wear it without complaint.
  • Size matters: Don't buy a pea coat for your child a size bigger in an effort to save money. Just because your child was a size 10 last year doesn't necessarily mean he will fit into the next size up this year. It's a good idea to buy a properly fitting coat the first time out. Coats that aren't the correct size can be uncomfortable, which may result in your child taking them off, even in cold weather.
  • Look at length: Boys usually do not wear coats longer than thigh length. A pea coat that fits correctly shouldn't pass a boy's mid-thigh. Determining how active your child is will guide you to the length of coat that's appropriate for him.
  • Color counts: Not all boys' pea coats come in the standard navy or black. Some companies offer pea coats in camel, deep purple, bright blue and gray. Let your son express his individuality by choosing a color that best suits his personality.
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