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All Kinds of Boys Jeans

When it comes to boys' jeans, parents usually want pants that are rugged and tough. Jeans need to withstand everything that boys of all ages can dish out, from rough-housing to outdoor play to fishing trips and more.

You'll find jeans in light or dark denim, in boot cuts or straight cuts. Carpenter jeans provide plenty of pockets for boys to store treasures, while classic cuts never go out of style. Explore the world of boys' jeans and see what they're made to withstand!

Lots of Versatility

Jeans are casual, but you can dress them up a little with a snazzy vest. This look works equally well for school and playdates.

Boys Jeans for All Ages

From tots to teens, jeans are available in all sizes, whether you're a parent dressing a baby or watching your teenager dress himself. Tee shirts and jeans go together like baseball games and hot dogs.

Matching Denim

Top a pair of jeans with a denim jacket and a boy is almost all set to go outside and play. Add sneakers and his look is complete!

Easy to Wear

Elastic waistbands on jeans make it simple to pull them on and off, an important consideration for boys who want to feel grown up and dress themselves.

Made for Play

What's better than a pair of his favorite jeans for climbing trees?

Durable and Tough

These capri-length jeans are a great length for wading in puddles and ponds.

Cool Weather Wear

Jeans are perfect for wearing year-round, but are great for pairing with cold weather pieces like knit hats and hoodies. Because jeans are made for everyone, parents should have no trouble finding a pair for toddlers, too.

For All Kinds of Activities

Bug investigating, puddle jumping, tree climbing -- jeans are made for all of these activities and more!

Jeans Too Long?

Then roll them up--this gives boys plenty of growing room when they're going through growth spurts.

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Boys Jeans