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Shopping for children isn't always easy, and shopping for boys' husky jeans can be a downright nuisance. If you take your son to a local department store or shopping mall, chances are good that jeans will be available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles but not necessarily in the "husky" style. The fact of the matter is, boys come in all shapes and sizes, and other styles of jeans will likely not fit your young man.

Where to Find Boys' Husky Jeans

One of the best places to look for boys' husky jeans is online where the varieties and colors of jeans are not limited to what's available in a department store. Not only will you be able to find the perfect pair of jeans in contemporary boys' fashions, but you will also have the freedom to compare styles and prices side-by-side, saving you the time and money you'd spend driving from store to store and saving you from settling on the first pair of husky jeans you find.

Best of all, if you know your son's size, you'll be able to find a pair of jeans that suits him without the rigamarole of stepping into the dressing room over and over. The following links provide some of the best options in husky jeans for your young man.

Kmart's Route 66 Brand

Route 66 jeans, Kmart's flagship brand of denim, has provided stylish and inexpensive jeans for boys for years. Denim options available from Kmart's website include jeans with stylish details such as a back pocket bandana -- a fashionable look among skater, punk, and emo styles over the last few years. Jeans are available in a distressed look, in a gray wash color, and in standard colors. Sizes range from 10 husky to 16 husky.


Sears' Canyon River brand competes with Kmart and offers stylish jeans at low prices. Items often go on sale, including the Canyon River Blues jeans that sell for as low as $2 per pair on clearance. While sizing can be extremely limited on sale items, buyers have the choice of purchasing boys' husky jeans directly from the website and paying for shipping, or having them shipped to the local Sears store for pick up. Jeans are available in several colors and styles.

Walmart Jeans

Wrangler jeans have been synonymous with comfort since the 1940s when they were popular among cowboys and country singers and widely used in rodeos. Walmart still sells Wranglers in a variety of sizes and styles, including husky fit pairs available for purchase on their website. Six different sizes are available for purchase in several distinct colors. Some jeans are darker and more modern, while others are lighter and more classic in appearance. Either way, the Wrangler style remains popular, and you won't have to break the bank to allow your young man to look cool and fashionable.

NexTag Price Comparison

The ability to compare styles, sizes, and prices against one another and find the product that best suits your needs is one of the biggest advantages of shopping online. NexTag allows you to comparison shop, listing the important details of each pair of jeans you view side-by-side along with photos to help you decide what color and style will best fit your boy. Because the jeans are searchable by keyword, you won't have to worry about sifting through dozens of jeans to find a pair of "husky" pants; you can just search for exactly what you are looking for.

Davis Big and Tall

Perhaps the best place to search for a pair of husky jeans is at a big and tall store, where conventional sizes don't fit the profile of the retailer. If all else fails, you'll be sure to find a pair of jeans here that suit your son's needs as well as your budget. You can search husky jeans from big name brands such as Levi's, the original manufacturer of denim pants, at prices that you can afford. A number of available colors and styles will guarantee that you don't make a purchase that doesn't fit your son's unique sensibilities.

Buying Jeans

Buying jeans doesn't need to be a chore, no matter what your son's size. Simply be patient, explore your buying options and do your homework on the best places to buy clothes for your son. Both you and he will be happier if he has a comfortable, stylish pair of jeans that fit properly.

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