Boys Holiday Wear

Boys Christmas Sweater

Holiday wear for girls includes smock dresses, holiday sweaters, and a wide variety of choices, but what about boys holiday wear?

Shopping for Boys Holiday Wear

Do you find it difficult shopping for boys holiday wear? You search for that perfect sweater, shirt and pants, and then have to battle to get your little guy to try them on. Finding the balance between what you like and what your boy will wear is like skating a fine line. One key to making it all work is to remember that your child has to wear what you buy. If they like it, they will want to wear it. If they don't, then the battle to get them to wear it may mar your festive get-togethers.

Difference Between Boys and Girls

When it comes to getting dressed up for the holidays, most little girls look forward to wearing their special Christmas dress with all the accessories. They'll let you spend an hour fussing over their hair. With boys, the less fuss the better. Keep their holiday wear basic and simple. A holiday sweater or sweater vest over a button-up shirt or turtleneck works great. A nice pair of khaki works for a dressy casual look. The same sweater and shirt can be paired with jeans for an even more casual look or with dress pants if needed. If you plan to have him wear the sweater and shirt for more than one occasion it is a good idea to buy two shirts. That way, if by some chance the shirt gets stained, you have a back up. Planning for such mishaps dissipates stress that could otherwise balloon into a disappointment for everyone involved.

Holiday Sweaters

Holiday sweaters are a tradition in many families. When boys are younger, they'll usually roll with however you plan to dress them. Take advantage of this time if you hope to dress all your kids in identical holiday sweaters, because as boys grow into their own sense of style they can be a little pickier. Pre-teens can become especially fussy. To get by this hurdle, involve him in choosing the sweater. Here are a few possibilities to consider for a variety of ages:

Holiday Sweater at Amazon
Holiday Sweater at Amazon
  • Amazon's collection of boys holiday sweater in traditional or humorous designs
  • Macy's holiday sweaters for babies, little boys and preteens

Christmas Pajamas

Another tradition for many families is to buy children Christmas pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve. That way when the kids open presents in the morning, they'll be wearing their special P.J.'s for the onslaught of family photos. Boys don't mind pajamas as part of their holiday wear. They are comfortable and on Christmas morning kids are ready to jump through hoops to get to those presents under the tree. Christmas pajamas may or may not have a holiday theme. For some families, just the practice of new pajamas makes them Christmas pajamas because they are worn for the first time on that special day.

Holiday Wear and the Family

Adults love the sentimental memories of Christmas. Dressing the family in coordinating clothes gives you that put-together holiday look. If you boys don't share your sentiment, it may be because they don't have the same sentimental attachment to the holiday as yet. He is still making memories. Choose a sweater that matches Dad's may do the trick. As your son gets older, let him have some say in what he wears to coordinate with the rest of the family for the holidays. He may not think he wants to do it at all, but this practice will one day be part of his special memories, and then you'll be able to stand back and watch as he poses with his own children someday dressed in their holiday wear.

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