Boys Garbage Truck Pajamas

Trucks footed pajamas
Trucks Footed Pajamas

Boys garbage truck pajamas are a cute and fashionable way to express to the world (or at least your household!) that your baby is "all boy" from head to toe.

The Draw of Boys Garbage Truck Pajamas

Little boys love things that move, roll, beep and dump. Garbage trucks are a popular choice for many young boys when you're shopping for that perfect toy, and for some, trucks of all types develop into a true childhood passion. You may find your child is in the mood for all things trucks - the bigger, louder and more destructive, the better. Some kids even idolize the garbage man, recognizing his weekly presence in your neighborhood and waving to him as he collects the trash.

Whatever your little boy's level of infatuation with garbage trucks and all of its truck brothers, sisters and cousins, chances are he'll be thrilled at his own pair of garbage truck themed pajamas that are made especially for him.

Shopping for the Goods

Finding garbage truck pajamas through your local retail stores can be hit or miss. Conducting a Google search for garbage truck pajamas won't produce much in the way of results, as stores rotate their clothing seasonally based upon specific trends and interests. However, sometimes you will get lucky and find garbage truck jammies at favorite kids stores such as Gymboree, Babies R Us, Old Navy, Gap Kids and the Children's Place. You can also find truck pajamas on websites such as Crazy for Bargains, which provides you with creative pajama sets for little boys.

If retail is your only option, you can also improvise and find comfy clothes for your boy to sleep in that wouldn't necessarily be considered pajamas at first glance. This also carries a bonus - it saves you money as you can double up on apparel for both day and night. Check out the sweet long sleeved T-shirt sold by Plenty of sleepy comfort is available for those sized 2 to 6, and it's reasonably priced enough to make a great gift.

Creating and Customizing

Since sometimes it can be difficult to find a specific theme or print on clothing, you can always make your own garbage truck pajamas for either your own little one or a friend's child. In many instances, your local craft store will have garbage truck iron-ons and decals that can be placed onto solid colored or white pajamas or onesies. However, today's home computers allow you to make your own printable decals so you can do everything at your convenience and come out with an adorable result.

Take it one step further and create your own garbage truck image (or ask an artistic friend) and scan it into your computer for your own unique design that cannot be duplicated. This makes a little boy's gift even better since it will be personalized and one-of-a-kind. You can even create garbage truck pajamas that you can sell as a side business through a website such as Café Press if you come up with an exceptionally adorable design.

A Special Surprise

There are plenty of occasions to go shopping for little boys pajamas featuring a garbage truck theme. These include:

  • A themed birthday party sleepover
  • Christmas gift
  • Part of a Halloween costume
  • Pajama day at school
  • Something new to take on a family vacation
  • An exciting incentive to motivate a reluctant little boy to go shopping

Garbage truck pajamas are fun at any stage in childhood, from infancy to puberty, whether it's a baggy favorite tee shirt or a specially made sleep set, the young truck lover in your life is sure to smile.

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Boys Garbage Truck Pajamas