Boys Firetruck Pajamas

Boys Firetruck Pajamas
Boys love wearing clothing that features firetrucks.

Send your little guy off to sweet dreams in cozy boys firetruck pajamas.

About Boys Firetruck Pajamas

Firetruck pajamas for boys are a hot ticket item in the world of children's sleepwear. They rank up there with motorcycle, football, and garbage truck pajamas. Boys, whose dads are firemen are especially fond of firetruck jammies, as are little guys who dream of becoming brave firefighters when they grow up. Boys love trucks and fire engines are no exception. If your favorite boy is a die-hard firetruck lover, then he'll love nothing more than to spend the night in pajamas featuring his favorite red trucks.

Popular Boys Firetruck Pajamas

Whether you are looking to purchase boys firetruck pajamas as a gift or you need a backup for your son's well-worn fire engine sleeper, consider these popular selections:

  • Franco Apparel Firetruck PJs: These adorable cotton long-sleeved pajamas feature an embroidered firetruck on the front of the sleep shirt. In addition, the elastic waist pants are covered with screen-printed fire engines and feature banded cuffs at the hem.
  • Skivvydoodles Boys Cotton Firetruck Pajamas: Your little boy can drift off to dreamland in style with these flame resistant, all cotton knit pajamas covered with firetrucks. The Henley shirt and elastic waist pull-on style pants are comfy enough to wear year round.
  • Boys Firetruck Print Pajamas: These fun firetruck print pajamas for boys are made from a special Securest flame resistant cotton and feature a fleet of bright fire engines.
  • Firetruck Pajamas for Toddler Boys: Not only do these darling firetruck jammies come adorned with hook-and-ladder trucks, but they also feature the firemen's trusty Dalmatian too. The long-sleeved pajamas are made of a cotton-poly blend for added comfort.

Firetruck Sleep Accessories

Future firefighters, who are not satisfied with simple firetruck printed sleepwear, might be interested in the following:

  • Firetruck bathrobe: Your favorite firefighter wannabe will love covering up with this bathrobe that features a battalion of fire engines.
  • Firetruck bedding: The bedtime blues will vanish if your little guy has this special firetruck bed to sleep in. The toddler's bed is in shape of a real firetruck and can be embellished with fire engine printed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and shams.

A Warning About Children's Pajamas

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission mandates that children's sleepwear be flame resistant. These rules are designed to protect young children from burn injuries if they come in contact with an open flame, such as a match or stove burner. Under new federal safety rules, garments sold as children's sleepwear for sizes larger than nine months must be flame resistant (garments that have been treated, so they do not continue to burn when removed from a heat source) or snug-fitting. Snug-fitting garments do not need to be flame resistant because they are made to fit tight on child's body. Snug-fitting sleepwear does not ignite easily and, even if they catch on fire they do not readily burn because there is little oxygen to feed a fire. In addition, government officials passed a law in February 2009 that states that all used children's clothing must be tested for excess amounts of lead before February 2010. Dangerous lead levels in clothing are usually found in zippers and snaps. Consequently, you should not purchase clothing with zippers and snaps for children under the age of 12 from private individuals and garage sales.

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Boys Firetruck Pajamas