Boys Dress Shirt Options

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While boys may not want to wear dress shirts, at least one boys dress shirt is an essential piece of clothing for any boy's wardrobe. Whether your son is a toddler or almost a teenager, a dress shirt or two are bound to be necessary clothing items.

Shirts for Dressing Up

When boys have to dress up, there are fewer options than there are for girls. In general, boys will need a dress shirt and dress pants, and a nice pair of shoes. Beyond that, a jacket and tie are discretionary, but the shirt and pants are necessities. Older boys will also need dress shirts, although it's less likely that this dress shirt will be worn under a suit. A bowtie can dress up an older boy's outfit, or a sweater or sweater vest if the weather is getting colder. A nice dress shirt for boys can be found at many online shops, try the following ones out for several different options in color and style:

  • The Children's Place offers plenty of long sleeve dress shirts at reasonable prices.
  • JCPenney offers several options in boys' dress clothes including a shirt and tie combo and several other popular dress shirts.
  • Target offers incredible deals on high-quality dress shirts for boys.
  • Macy's offers designer dress shirts for any occasion.

Sporty Style Dress Shirts

If your son refuses to wear the dress clothes of the type above, there is still another type of dressy clothing that he might agree to wear. Little boys can look really cute in Western style clothes, and even if you think the style may not be your favorite, it's a good style to try on your son because if he likes it and is happy wearing such a shirt, you will think he looks dashing. Check out the Western shirt from Cabela's, or buy one at a sporting goods store near you; the look of this style is much more relaxed and easygoing.

Choose Wisely

As you fill your son's closet or dresser with dress clothes, remember that he won't wear them that often (in most contexts anyway), so while dress clothes may make your son look cuter than ever, keep the dressy options to a reasonable amount. Also, make sure your son is comfortable in the clothes; no matter how cute the outfit is, if a pouting boy is wearing them, they lose their appeal quickly.

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Boys Dress Shirt Options