Boys Camp Shirt

Boys camp shirts

A boys camp shirt is a great piece to have your child wear when he's dressing up for summer camp or just craving something more "official looking." Whether he wants to be an officer or he just likes to go to camp, you can find a variety of camp shirts for less than the standard-issue price.

Buying Shirts for Camp Activities

If your child will be headed to camp, and you need to get a shirt, you often have a choice of color, style, and fit. Here are a few top options to look for when making your selection.

  • 100 Percent Cotton: Breathable, attractive, and hard-wearing, cotton is a fantastic pick for any child going to camp. Stains can be easily removed from natural fabrics, and these shirts can also be repaired when children play rough.
  • Edged Sleeves: Ring-neck and sleeve crew neck T-shirts have extra shape and are more resistant to signs of wear. Look for shirts without white bands around the neck and arms, instead choosing a dark color like black or navy.
  • Long-Sleeved Options: Also, make sure that you get long-sleeved items for your child to wear. Get coordinating hoodies and button-down tops so your child never has to worry about finding a clean shirt for camp.

Off-Duty Camp Shirts

Some children don't get the chance to go to camp, but that doesn't mean they don't want to! If you know a boy or have a son who dreams of going to camp, why not pick up some fun camp shirts to give your boy a taste of summertime fun? You'll get bonus points with your child if you decide to make s'mores.

With Jeans: Look for camp shirts in green, blue, or red to create a special look. These shirts are less camp-like than brown, and they can easily be worn with jeans. If you look for the more formal style camp shirt with the button-up placket, your son will look buttoned-up and dressy, without being uncomfortable. This look even works for family dinners and playtime!

With Dress Pants: If the camp shirt becomes a permanent feature on your child, you can always convince him to change his trousers. Dress up a button-down camp shirt with a bow tie and a pair of permanent press dress pants, plus a pair of cute oxfords or wing tips. A satchel is an easy accessory for a child to use if he needs to carry books, but he doesn't want to muss his shirt.

With Overalls: If you have a young child who gets "tangled" in button-down tees, try a camp T-shirt paired with overalls to streamline the look and make it easier for him to dress himself. Bright colors look cute on children in the summertime, and you can even find long-sleeved camp shirts for fall and winter if your child gets hooked.

Where to Buy a Boys Camp Shirt

If you require boys camp shirt options, here are a few places to look.

  • Look for low-cost camp shirts at Old Navy. This is an excellent place to shop for camp shirts, but if you order online, you could save a ton. Do it in advance, and be sure to check clearance sales.
  • Get your price-comparison on at Amazon, which stocks a lot of options for shopping for children's separates like camp shirts. If you check the reviews for each option, you will be able to find the one that offers the best price for the quality.
  • Have a look at J,Crew for boys shirts, but don't expect to always find the look you require. Camp shirts here are often more refined for children's casual wear.

Boys shirts for camp might not be a necessary summer buy for you, but don't forget that they are a practical pick for any kid. Whether you choose a button-down or a cotton tee, camp shirts could become an essential item to have around in the way of summer shirts.

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Boys Camp Shirt