Back-to-School Fashion for Young Boys

School Boy in Deep Purple Polo Shirt

With so many clothing choices for boys on the market, it can be overwhelming whenever you try to decide what to choose for your son and, most importantly, what is appropriate for school. Make sure your children choose pieces that are on-trend and fun so they will want to get dressed in the morning and head out the door for the school bus!

School Fashion Trends for Little Boys

Just because he's little, doesn't mean he can't be stylish, too. Get great-looking trends for back-to school that are comfy, durable, and keep your little man looking his best.

Deep Colored Tops

Color is key for kids because it instantly draws them to different articles of clothing. Overall, bright, deep, or rich colors are always winners for kids year round, but spruce green is a very popular color for this upcoming school year. Keep this jewel tone in mind whenever you are shopping, and your little guy will be on point with his color choices.

According to, other great colors for boys include deep purple, garnet, rust, and neutral terracotta.

Great shopping options include:

  • Deep Purple Polo
    Deep Purple Polo
    Button Up Plaid Shirt: Sold at the popular children's clothing store Crazy 8 and (available online), this top is a true winner for transitioning from warm to cool weather for back to school. It combines a great spruce green with classic blue and it is 100% cotton for easy machine washing. Your son can easily wear a long T-shirt underneath for added warmth. It comes in sizes 4 to 14 years and retails for under $10.
  • Deep Purple Polo: Polos are great options for the elementary crowd because they look sharp for school, but are still soft and comfy. This deep purple polo from Land's End channels the rich trendy color, but also provides a classic style that can go with jeans or khakis. It also comes in over a dozen other colors like orange spice and burgundy. It comes in little kids sizes 4-7 and big kids sizes 8-20 for about $20.

Character Tees

Character tees are a popular staple for young boys and are perfect for playground adventures or playing after school.

  • Marvel T-Shirt
    Marvel T-Shirt
    Marvel Tees & Tops: Choose among a great selection of boys' tees that feature your son's favorite characters from the official Marvel shop. Short and long sleeve styles are available in a number of colors and styles. Whether your little man is a fan of Spiderman, Thor, or Captain America, you'll find great options here. Boys' sizes 2 to 10 are available, and prices range from about $10 to $25.
  • Disney Character Tees: If your little man is a fan of Disney movies like Moana, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Ant Man -- or shows like Phineas and Ferb and Lion Guard -- you'll find plenty of choices in fun tees to satisfy his tastes at The Disney Store. There are a wide range of shirts available for around $20, in boys sizes XXS though XXL.

Retro and Modern Bottoms

Designers are also turning towards modern and retro cuts, especially when it comes to pants. This means searching for your little guy's school pants in relaxed and straight looks. According to fashion, family and lifestyle blog, some cool pant trends to check out include:

  • Gymboree Boys' Cargo Jogger Pant
    Gymboree Boys' Cargo Jogger Pant
    Joggers: H&M is spot on with their casual, relaxed athletic-inspired pants this season for boys, and they're marked at such an incredibly amazing price! Sold for around $12 per pair, these bottoms come in gray and are easy for your little boys to run around in and feel comfortable. They come in sizes 2 to 10 years.
  • Slim cut jeans: Also from H&M, jeans are great for all the little guys out there who love to wear denim and have fun with their wardrobes. These are 100 percent cotton and can be washed easily in your machine. They come in sizes designed to fit toddlers to ten-year-olds. These are a little bit more expensive at about $20, but they're completely worth it because you get two pairs for the price of one.
  • Modern Cargo Pants: Cargo pant are always popular for young boys, but you can get a modern look by going for a pair in jogger style like the Gymboree Boys' Cargo Jogger Pants. These are available in sizes 7 - 10 for under $10. They are made of cotton and are stylish yet comfortable.

Layered Clothing

Layering is a great way for young boys to show off their personal style this back-to-school season. This transitional style allows them to keep warm as the weather gets colder. They can also shed layers as it gets warmer throughout the school year or as their activity levels change.

Let your son choose a few dapper solid sweaters for layering because classic knits are popular this season -- as highlighted on trend site Dress Trends. Have him throw on a short-sleeved plaid or striped button down shirt under his sweater and maybe even one that is a contrasting print for fun.

Try these finds for layering:

  • Striped Oxford shirt
    Striped Oxford shirt
    V-neck Sweater: To keep your little guy layered with style for the entire year, sweaters are something he needs. A v-neck sweater such as this one from Children's Place can be worn with everything you can imagine. From sweatpants and a vest, to jeans and a pair of khakis, a sweater is a must-have. Boys' sizes 4 to 6 are available, and the price is about $10.
  • Striped Oxford Shirt: This great button-down from Gap pairs perfectly with graphic tees, but it can also be worn by itself for those moments the kids need to dress up for school or other occasions. It comes in XS to XXL and is made from a soft cotton fabrication that is comfortable to wear by itself. You can purchase this for around $30.

Zip-Up Hoodies

Make sure that you get your little boy a great solid color zip up hoodie that can double as a fall jacket. He will live in this item; it will become a second skin as he goes from school to activities and then home again.

These are some great options to get your shopping started:

  • Old Navy Full Fleece Zip Hoodie
    Old Navy Full Fleece Zip Hoodie
    Old Navy Full Fleece Zip Hoodie: Old Navy has great zip up hoodies that are perfect to wear year round. This practical option for boys is a great addition to any wardrobe. This grey, snowboard-pattern hoodie comes in boys' sizes XS to XXL and is so cozy that your son will never want to take it off. You can purchase this product for just over $20.
  • Nike Therma Full Zip Hoodie: Available from Dick's SPorting Goods, this performance-fleece option t is great for layering and can be worn under heavy jackets as the weather changes. It comes in XS to XL and is a performance fleece polyester that lasts through wash after wash. You can purchase this in black/volt or royal/obsidian for about $30.


When stepping up your little boys back-to-school wardrobe, a cool pair of shoes for him to wear that both of your love is an all-around win. According to fashion site Magic Online, the latest shoe trends for boys include dessert boots, canvas slip-ons, and moccasin boots.

Some footwear picks to consider includes:

  • Clarks Desert Ankle Boot
    Clarks Desert Ankle Boot
    Loafers and moccasins are a key footwear trend for boys. The Matteo Moccasin by Tucker & Tate comes in red, tan, and navy in sizes 12.5-3, and costs around $60. These shoes can be worn with a variety of items, from a polo and a pair of jeans, to a blazer and a dressy shirt for picture day.
  • Clarks Desert Ankle boots are another comfortable and quality pair of shoes for your little boy. This shoe really has a classic look, regardless of it being a current trend. The suede desert shoe comes in sizes 2-13 and costs around $80. Have your son wear these with a pair of cargo pants, a long-sleeve rugby, and a vest.

Key Points to Think About When Shopping for Boys

  • Comfort: Boys like to move around with ease and be active. Make sure you choose pieces that allow your son to move freely or he may end up wearing his new clothes just once.
  • Incorporating favorite things: Whether it is colors, action figures, or something else he loves, make sure your son's wardrobe shows off what he's interested in. That way he'll be more inclined to wear his new clothing.
  • Easy mix and match: Just like girls, boys like to have the independence of getting dressed on their own. Whenever you buy pieces for back to school that are easy to mix and match and work with your son's existing wardrobe, you have just made school mornings easier on yourself.

Involve Your Child in Shopping

Make sure you involve your son in the back-to-school shopping process. The more involved he is, the more excited he will be about getting dressed, which puts lets stress on you. Let your little man show off his personal style and really enjoy the back-to-school shopping experience.

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Back-to-School Fashion for Young Boys