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Active Girls' Clothing

active girls on the playground

Sporty girls who are always on the go will need a collection of active clothing, whether they're kicking soccer balls, hitting home runs or taking a gymnastics class.

Finding Active Girls' Clothing

If your girl plays on a school team, you'll most likely get her uniform for various sports at the same time other team members do. There are plenty of times, however, when a girl will need or want attire that's all her own, especially if she takes part in extracurricular activities that aren't connected to school. These are just some of the retailers who carry a selection of active clothing that will go the distance for girls who jump, run, dive, cheer or score goals:

  • Girls Gotta Play carries all kinds of active wear for busy girls. Colorful and muted styles are available for items like shorts, hoodies, tees, sweats, flannel pants, yoga pants, accessories, and much more. Shop according to the sport.
  • SportsKatz knows what girls want: comfortable active wear that's also colorful and fun. This retailer offers clothing for soccer, riding, basketball and cheer, among other activities, and also carries a great variety of transfers that will allow a girl to personalize her sporty outfit.
  • Nike, one of the most popular names in sportswear, doesn't forget about kids when developing athletic wear. You'll find plenty of clothing perfect for the little lady in your life, all with the signature swoosh this brand is known for.
  • Just for Girls Sports carries a huge selection of active wear for girls for a large number of sports. In addition, there are plenty of bags, tags, jewelry, helmets, door hangers and other accessories that girls will love.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods features team shirts and jerseys, as well as cheerleading outfits, jackets, T-shirts and more. You can buy items for girls who have a favorite team, or simply athletic wear that will take her to field or court.

Sporty Girls Today

Girls' athletics have come a long way from the days when only boys were allowed to participate in school sports. Today's girls can take part in a wide variety of sports programs, and they need clothing that will allow them to move well and stand up to the abuse they dish out. Active girls' clothing is available for girls who take part in:

sporty girls
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming

Clothing for sporty girls isn't simply a different take on sporty boys' garments; besides cuts made specifically for girls, parents will often find colors and designs with girls in mind, including pink soccer shin guards and floral patterns on tee shirts. Athletic clothing manufacturers know that a girl can tackle on the field, but still like girly things like the color pink.

Look for good quality brands and fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin to keep girls comfortable. Also look for activewear items made for specific seasons, such as heat-retaining garments for fall sports, according to your daughter's needs.

Just for Girls

There's no need for any girl to have to borrow her brother's tee shirt or basketball shorts, with all of the available active clothing made just for her. It can be empowering and confidence-boosting for girls to take part in some type of sport. With a collection of attire tailor-made for her activity and personality, she can run, jump and score in comfort and style.

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Active Girls' Clothing