9 Girls' Clothing Styles With Pictures

Different Clothing Styles for Girls


There are many diverse girl's clothing styles that can be worn separately or mixed and matched to create unique, standout ensembles. From muted and simplistic to loud and complex, the trick is for a girl to experiment with different options to find out what works for her personality.

Artistic and Colorful


This style is all about mixing and matching a multitude of hues and shades to produce a fun and artistic look. If your girl wants to let rainbow brights stand out and do the talking, stay away from fussy prints or complex patterns. Also, don't be afraid to let her clash and contrast colors as the effortless and thrown-together nature of this aesthetic is what makes it so fabulous.

Back to Basics


If a girl prefers plain pieces in one solid hue that can be layered and mixed up to create laid-back, casual cool, then she'll likely fall into the "back to basics" category. This look has a 90s function-over-fashion feel, as it's all about investing in high quality basics from reputable fashion brands that perform well and can be worn everyday. Think: a plain white t-shirt, denim jeans, and white sneakers for comfort.

Girly Glamor


This fashion style involves using accessories to dress up outfits and generate a glamorous aesthetic. Girls can embrace a feminine look with dresses and skirts in pretty fabrics like lace and embroidered cotton, and then team them with smart shoes that match in color. The look can be further dressed up with a statement necklace and sunglasses during the summer months.

Boy Meets Girl


Who said that all girl's clothing had to be feminine? Androgynous fashion is where boy meets girl to develop a distinctive, edgy appearance. Girls can get the look by investing in specific masculine pieces, like denim dungarees or chunky high-top boots for day-to-day casualwear. Then, for smarter occasions, opt for button-up shirts and different colored chinos.

Retro Vibes


Whether it's the quirky and funky graphic geometrics of the 60s or the cute and individualistic polka dots of the 50s, this look is all about opting for prints that epitomize major retro vibes. It's bold, it's eccentric, and it's sure to impress. Choose a prominent hue from the outfit and make it pop through contrasting or complementary handbag or shoe to make a serious style statement.

Global Traveler


"Global traveler" involves taking inspiration from worldwide fashion and pulling key pieces together to form a relaxed, casual aesthetic. Think: safari-style scarves, desert-hued tops, and utilitarian shorts. The trick here is to keep the outfit fairly stripped back in one or two solid hues, and then introduce pops of color through footwear and accessories.

Preppy Girl


The "preppy girl" look is easy to recreate once you know how. Key pieces to include in outfits are: a tailored blazer, a button-up shirt, a pinafore dress, an A-line skirt, neutral chinos, and bright-hued knitwear. The most popular ensemble consists of a white button-up shirt and an A-line skirt layered up with a rich colored cardigan or sweater. Then add high-knee socks, glasses, and Mary-Jane shoes for ultimate preppy chic.

Boho Cool


Free-spirited, 70s-inspired, and romantic are words that define bohemian fashion. From chunky fair isle knits to long, floaty floral dresses and maxi skirts, this style is all about embracing hippie vibes. Whether a girl chooses one key piece or throws a few together, she should be sure to accessorize with feathered or beaded necklaces, a fringed bag, and a floppy fedora.

Country Girl


If a girl lives in the country or just likes rocking the style, this aesthetic involves key pieces such as: plaid shirts, denim shorts, white camis, and cowboy boots. It's all about being cool and comfortable while channeling relaxed, easygoing vibes for a life in the country.

No matter what a girl's personality is, she can have fun experimenting with different looks and accessories to create a style that she can call her own.

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9 Girls' Clothing Styles With Pictures