Toddler Neckties

toddler wearing necktie

Toddler neckties are the perfect accessory. They are practically essential for any formal events to which you will be toting your toddler. Although they are not inventoried at every children's retailer, they are a fairly easy item to track down.

About Toddler Neckties

Toddler neckties differ from men's neckties for seemingly obvious reasons. Toddlers cannot be trusted to tie their own shoelaces let alone finagle the knot-process of a necktie. The bulk of toddler neckties you will be examining are likely to be of the clip-on variety. Another style is a loop that slips over the head of the child with the bid and spine (front and back) hanging down. This latter type is much more reliable for children who tend to play with their clothing, as the loop makes it difficult for a child to remove his tie. Also, the fact that the neckpiece of this type of tie actually wraps around the neck and is placed under the collar makes these ties look as credible as the adult variety.

There are a few minor fashion considerations when purchasing neckties for your toddlers. Semi-formal events such as Sunday church services or an afternoon party allow for fun printed designs and low sheen materials. However, very formal events that require darker colored suits are the ideal time to purchase satin neckties. A red or silver satin tie can really play up a black toddler suit. Silver satin also does well with deep navy blazers. Red and navy also go well together, but this effect is far less formal. Gold satin ties look incredible against a dark blazer.

Where to Buy Toddler Neckties

You can purchase toddler neckties in many department stores. Any retailer that sells toddler boys' formal apparel will typically inventory neckties. Upscale children's boutiques are also a good place to look for these items.

2002 Tiesoffers a wide variety of ties in many different colors. It's a great place to go when you have to match a specific color for a special occassion.

You can find a wide variety of around-the-collar toddler ties at Etsy. The selection of colors and prints is very broad.

What about Quality?

Quality will not necessarily trump affordability when it comes to toddler neckties. Considering the length of wear regarding these items, and your toddler's ability to keep the item clean, you don't really need to stress about acquiring the very best in neckties. Also, it's easy to predict that your toddler's clip-on tie will likely end up dragging on the ground for some portion of an event, a scenario that may make you pause before buying that expensive tie.

Toddler Neckties