Finding Toddler Easter Outfits

Kid's Easter Clothes

Easter is a magical time for kids, and it's a great opportunity to dress up your toddler. Whether your little ones will be heading to church, participating in an Easter egg hunt, or celebrating the holiday in another way, you want them to look their best. From beautiful spring dresses to seersucker suits, there are lots of toddler Easter outfits to choose from.

Easter Options for Toddler Girls

Formal Spring Dresses

It's hard to beat the cute factor of adorable pastel dresses whether you'll be taking your toddler to a religious service or simply showing her off at Grandma's Easter dinner. Crafted from tulle, linen, silk, or other formal fabrics, these dresses are princess-perfect and lots of fun to buy. There are tons of great options out there, including the following:

  • Lito Yellow Organza Easter Dress - Sold by, this adorable dress is every little girl's dream. Crafted in white poly-silk organza with yellow trim, it has a garden full of spring flowers embroidered on the skirt. This sleeveless style doesn't include washing instructions, so you'll likely need to dry clean it. It comes in sizes 2T through six and retails for just under $70.
  • Chirping Chicks High-Waisted Dress - Children's clothing retailer The Wooden Soldier offers the ultimate Easter outfit in the form of a full-skirted, smocked yellow gingham dress embroidered with a row of chicks. It features a Peter Pan collar and eyelet lace ruffle, and you can add the matching chick-embellished cardigan and white straw hat. The machine-washable dress comes in sizes 2T through 4T and retails for just under $90. The matching cardigan, also in 2T through 4T, is about $70, and the hat is about $40.

When buying formal Easter dresses, it's important to remember that these aren't play clothes. Most aren't quite as comfortable for your little one as her usual knit options, and they may also be harder to wash.

Long-Sleeved Dresses

If you live in a cooler climate your little ones might be hunting for Easter eggs in the snow. You can always add a sweater to a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress, or you can purchase an outfit that is warm enough as it is. The advantages to long-sleeved dresses are that you don't have to worry about finding matching jackets or sweaters and you'll be confident your toddler is warm enough. Although these dresses are a little harder to find, there are still many great options to choose from:

Keep in mind that a long-sleeved dress may not be a good choice if you live in a warmer area. Additionally, this type of dress may not get as much use, since the weather may turn warm before she outgrows it.

Bright, Casual Outfits

If you're looking for something a little more casual there are some great choices on the market. Your little girl can look put-together without being formal and frilly. Typically this type of outfit is easy to wash and care for, so you won't worry if she smears her chocolate Easter bunny on herself. Because these outfits are casual she can likely wear them again. There are lots of great options out there:

  • Floral Bunny Appliqued Set - This cute set features a pink top with a bunny applique and ruffled cuffs and hemline. The bottoms are done in a pink floral print with ruffles on the bottom of each leg. Made from a cotton/spandex blend, the set is machine washable and retails under $30.
  • Millie Dress - This is the perfect example of a casual dress that can be debuted at Easter and then worn again throughout spring and summer. It has a Peter Pan collar and a pretty magenta rose print. The dress is machine washable and retails under $50.

Casual outfits are great but they don't work for all Easter events. Before you choose a dressed-down option, make sure your little girl will be appropriately dressed for everything you have planned.

Easter Outfits for Toddler Boys

Formal Shortalls

Shortalls are overall shorts, and they are some of the cutest formalwear options for the littlest guys. These sweet sets are cool and comfy, and they easily work for church or dressy Easter dinners. There are lots of adorable sets on the market, including the following:

  • Bunny Strip Shortall - This festive and formal option from The Wooden Soldier is cute and stylish. A pair of blue-striped overall shorts feature embroidered bunnies and charming carrot-shaped buttons. They come with a matching short-sleeved shirt, and you can purchase a coordinated newsboy cap as well. The machine-washable outfit comes in sizes 2T through 4T and retails for just over $70. The hat is about $26.
  • Flower Market Shortall - Another adorable choice is this classic shortall in a navy check print, and monogramming is optional. This shortall is machine-washable and comes in toddler sizes two through four. It retails for about $32. Pair it with the coordinating shirt for another $26.

If you're considering shortalls, remember that these outfits are best for warm climates. Even with a sweater, you little guy may be shivery if he's celebrating Easter in the north.

Spring Suits

A classic choice for Easter, suits are ideal for formal occasions. They are also versatile. He may be able to wear all or part of the suit again at a spring or summer wedding. You'll see lots of options on the market, ranging from long-sleeved jacket suits to short suits.

  • Sailor Suit - This sweet sailor suit from Classykidzshop is a great choice if you're looking for a classic Easter look. The dry-clean-only polyester set includes navy shorts, a sailor-style shirt and tie, and a sailor hat. It comes in sizes 12 months through 4T and retails for about $40.
  • Lito Seersucker Suit - He'll look adorable in this miniature seersucker suit. It comes with a navy blue shirt, white pants, a white clip-on tie, and a blue and white seersucker jacket. The outfit is machine washable and comes in toddler sizes 3T and 4T. It retails for just under $60.

Remember that suits aren't really made for rough play. While some are machine washable, they still require ironing. Choose this type of outfit only if you know your little guy will be changing before he heads outside to play.

Easter Casual Clothes

As cute as he may look in the that formal suit or shortall set, you know he won't stay in pristine condition. Easter-themed play clothes, which are comfortable and easy to wash, are great for casual occasions or for changing into after the dressy events are over. There are lots of cute play clothes to choose from, including the following:

  • Peaches 'n Cream Toddler Pants and Striped Shirt - The cute set from The Best Dressed Child includes stone khaki pants and a green striped knit shirt. The shirt features an adorable applique of an Easter bunny riding in a yellow gingham truck. Sweet details like button wheels for the truck and embroidered whiskers on the bunny make this outfit super sweet. The cotton/spandex fabric is washable, and the set comes in sizes 2T through 4T. It retails for just under $60.
  • Nautical Sweater and Pants Set - He can be comfortable and look great at the same time in this sweater and pants outfit from The Wooden Soldier. Featuring a striped sweater with an anchor applique and adjustable waist cotton pants, this set is machine washable. It comes in sizes 2T through 4T and retails for just under $100. A matching sailor hat is also available.

Play clothes are perfect for changing into after formal events, but they won't work for really dressy occasions. Make sure you know it's okay for your little guy to be dressed down before you purchase this type of Easter outfit.

Shop Early for Best Selection

It's helpful to remember that shopping early in the spring will give you the best selection of Easter outfits. Most kids clothing stores offer seasonal dresses and outfits before Easter, and these items sometimes sell out quickly. Whether you're shopping online or at your local retailer, planning ahead is always a good idea.

Finding Toddler Easter Outfits