Back to School Fashion for 11-Year-Old Boys

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Eleven year old boys may not list clothing styles on their top to-do lists, but once school begins, they definitely want to dress in the latest back to school fashions. In addition to that long list of school supplies, it may be time to update your child's wardrobe, but what clothing items are must haves for 11-year-old boys?

Back to School Fashion Resources

If you are in doubt about what's fashionable for boys this season, check out the following websites.

  • Teen Vogue - Whether you pay for a subscription or merely peruse the magazine online, Teen Vogue continues to offer tips and advice on all things fashion.
  • JustaMinuteMom - See what other moms and their kids think about fashion at this website.
  • MiniHipster - Find out the latest in children's clothing trends and kids' street fashions at this website.
  • BecomeGorgeous - While boys certainly don't want to be referred to as "gorgeous", they may find some back-to-school fashion inspiration for guys at this site.

Current Back to School Fashion for 11-Year-Old Boys

When it comes to fashion trends for fifth and sixth grade boys, there are a few tried and true items that continue to stand the test of time - namely jeans and T-shirts. It's easy to build a wardrobe around these two items, because they can be mixed and matched continuously throughout the year.

  • Jeans - Look for jeans in dark denim that have a washed, aged look. These can be paired with casual or more tailored shirts depending upon the occasion.
  • T-shirts - Choose graphic, vintage, or retro T-shirts in a variety of colors and designs. Pair these with plaid button-down shirts for a casual, yet put-together, look.
  • Plaid shirts - In some areas of the country, plaid, long-sleeved shirts are referred to as "jerk shirts" because they are comfy on the dance floor. Even if your child isn't interested in doing a few dance moves, he can look great in a plaid, button-down shirt. He can wear it unbuttoned and untucked with a coordinating T-shirt underneath, or buttoned up and tucked into his jeans or khaki shorts. Find a great selection of shirts at Target.
  • Polo-styled shirts - Pair a wide-striped polo with jeans or cargo pants for a great back to school fashion choice. Popular school uniform attire often requires solid color polo-styled shirts as well. For a good selection and budget-friendly price, visit Wal-Mart's online shop or brick and mortar store.
  • Cargo pants - While jeans are certainly the most popular pant fashion choice among 11-year-old boys, cargo pants come in at a close second place. Cargo pant colors include khaki, charcoal, and army green. Check out The Children's Place.
  • Hoodies - Boys love hoodies because they serve a dual purpose as a shirt and a jacket. Hoodies can be found in a wide variety of designs, but the most popular include graphic or retro designs. Popular hoodies are easy to find at sites like Gap Kids.

More Popular Styles

In addition to the above fashion ideas, boys across the country will sport the following looks as well:

  • Layering - From short-sleeved plaid shorts and T-shirt combos to long-sleeved shirts from popular designers such as Ralph Lauren paired with vintage tees, layering is definitely in.
  • Jackets - Boys love the look of military-style jackets in army green, dark brown and charcoal gray. Look at Old Navy's great selection. In addition, tough Carhartt outwear is an excellent choice that provides warmth and durable style.
  • Messenger bags - While not exactly a clothing item, messenger bags often serve as school backpacks, and they're much more stylish. Check out popular messenger bags from stores like Old Navy and L.L. Bean.
  • Shoes - When it comes to foot fashion, boys know exactly what they want. Choose from brands like Nike, New Balance, Skechers, Hi-Tec, Reebok, Lugz, Puma and Deer Stags at Famous Footwear.

Dress Code Considerations

Finally, keep in mind that before you stock up on all the latest fashions for your fifth or sixth grader, it's important to review his school's dress code requirements. Most of the above fashion recommendations will fit in just fine with a school's dress code, but some schools have specific guidelines that may not allow certain clothing styles.

Back to School Fashion for 11-Year-Old Boys