Baby Swimsuit Options

Protected and cute to boot!

Shopping for baby swimsuits? Get some helpful tips before you make a purchase.

Baby Swimsuits Basics

When swim season arrives, it's time for family fun, and that includes even the youngest members of the household. Shopping for baby swimsuits is easy when you know exactly what to look for, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Sun Protection

Infant bikinis and swim trunks are certainly stylish and adorable, but they don't offer your little one much protection from the sun. Applying sunscreen lotion can give your child a temporary shield from UV rays, but it tends to wash off with water or perspiration, and has to be reapplied every few hours.

How about a better alternative?

  • Look for baby swimsuits that offer more coverage, rather than less. Scuba-style swimwear is based on the diving suit design, pairing pullover short sleeve tops with elastic shorts. These suits fully cover baby's shoulders and thighs, some of the first surfaces to catch a sunburn.
  • The best baby swimsuits now come with UV protection built right into the fabric. Most UV swimwear is geared for a UPF of 50+.

Baby's head and face also need to be shielded from the sun, so while you're shopping for swimwear, look for suitable sun hats to keep the heat at bay. Legionnaire styles with protective flaps keep your child from burning on the back of the neck. If you can't find these, make sure the head gear you select has a two to three inch brim all the way around.

Diaper Coverage

Swim diapers are the rule rather than the exception these days, and are required wear for babies at nearly all public swimming venues.

In contrast with regular diapers, swim diapers hold in eliminations and the harmful bacteria that accompany them, so the water stays safe for everyone. These diapers also don' bloat like disposables, so there are no balloon bottoms to contend with.

Many infant and toddler bathing suits now come equipped with built in terry cloth swim diapers, a convenience any parent can appreciate. If you plan on spending more than a few hours at the pool or beach, consider buying several pairs of swim diaper separates and pair them up with colorful T-shirts.


Even the youngest swimmers could use some protection for their feet. Swim socks, also referred to as swim shoes, are designed to be worn in and out of the water, and provide more stability for unsure little feet.

Unlike ordinary flip flops, swim socks cover the entire foot, so they don't fall off. Uppers are made of nylon Lycra or mesh, with non-skid bottoms, so no more stubbed baby toes or soles burned by hot pavement and sand.

Other Useful Beach Accessories

Finding the right swimwear is important, but there are a few other items you might find handy when spending a day at the beach.

  • Beach umbrellas can provide extra shade, giving your baby a place to nap when he needs to recharge his batteries.
  • Beach towels aren't just good for drying off after a dip, they're great ground cover as well. Pack extras- you'll find plenty of uses for them.
  • Swim goggles help keep sun and water out of baby's eyes. Make sure you purchase a pair that provides a good, comfortable fit so your child will wear them longer.

Find a Suit

Along with most department stores, you can also find baby swimwear at specialty stores such as:

Thinking about your baby's UV protection and comfort now frees you up to concentrate on having fun on those precious family outings. Before you know it, baby will be well on the way to growing up, so enjoy these carefree days while they last.

Baby Swimsuit Options