Baby Boys' Rain Gear

Red Raincoat

Baby boys' rain gear is an absolute necessity for some climates. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, rain gear may be considered seasonal by retailers. Rain essentials are only available during certain times of the year. Fortunately, online shopping has made it much easier for parents to locate rain gear year-round. The many available styles are nothing short of adorable.

About Baby Boys' Rain Gear

Outfitting your baby in a full set of rain gear can be expensive, so you want to feel certain regarding the necessity of each item. Generally, the essentials of rain gear are:

  • Raincoats
  • Rain Hats (In the event that a raincoat doesn't offer hooded protection)
  • Rain shield for car seat or stroller

These will be the products most commonly found in stores. However, unless you reside in a climate that boasts frequent and harsh rain storms, it is possible to omit some items from the aforementioned list.

Considering the Essentials

Many nylon jackets and thick winter jackets with a nylon exterior are relatively waterproof. If you live in an area that doesn't feature year-long rains, or even frequent rains, a raincoat may not be an absolute necessity. Typically, your infant's exposure to rain will account for hasty trips from the car to a covered location and vice versa.

The age of your child is also a consideration when it comes to purchasing baby boys' rain gear. Small infants may be overwhelmed by the presence of any jacket on their frame, let alone a nylon raincoat that goes unused for most of the year. If you do purchase a raincoat for an infant, a hooded rain jacket is an absolute essential. Infants are generally poor about wearing hats.

Where to Buy

Infant rain gear isn't easy to track down. It may appear seasonally in large everything stores such as Target and Walmart. You can also check department stores such as JCPenney for affordable items. However, because these items are seasonal, the Internet is the most reliable resource for year-round availability.

Ducksday is a great place to begin your search. This retailer offers a specific selection for infant boys, though the options may be limited. These are not generic rain items, but rather designer creations that may feature interesting animal or color themes. Prices aren't egregious, but your typical raincoat will run close to 40 US dollars, so this may not be the best place for budget hunters to shop.

Not included within the typical rain gear essentials is the concept of the poncho. This item is aptly exemplified by BabyPolarGear and may actually be the ideal rain apparel for non-walkers. It offers nearly full body protection from head to mid-calf. The addition of the matching rain pants can seal your child off from even the worst of watery assaults. At almost 35 US dollars for each item, these products are questionably affordable, but if you live in a climate that is rich in torrential rains, a poncho may be a wise option.

One item that can spare you grief when it comes to newborn baby boys is a car seat shield. Rather than decking your child out in storm gear, infants who enjoy their car seats can benefit from a breathable polyester shield that is placed over a stroller or car seat. Look for such items in stores like Target or places that sell strollers and stroller accessories.

Final Considerations

As mentioned previously, the age of your baby will determine the need for certain rain products. Infants who can barely sit up on their own may require nothing more than a car seat shield, whereas early walkers who insist on keeping their feet on the ground won't remain happily poncho-ed in their mother's arms during rainy trips. They'll need the full gamut of head-to-toe rain protection.

Baby Boys' Rain Gear