Victorian Clothing for Kids

Girls' Victorian Winter Clothing

Parents interested in elegant clothing may find a certain appeal in Victorian clothing for kids. Whether you are shopping for a dress or a simple accessory, Victorian clothing is beautiful and timeless.

Victorian Clothing Trademarks

Victorian clothing is known to be somewhat excessive in its ornamentation. This came about for a few reasons, including the invention of the sewing machine and the ability to dye fabrics better . These two possibilities created a new focus on clothing and the ornamentation of garments. Bright colors were popular in girls' clothing, and all kinds of lace, ribbons, braids, and buttons were sewn onto children's clothing to make it appealing.

Victorian Clothing for Kids

Kids clothing during the Victorian era evolved in many similar ways to adult clothing. The ornamentation was highly apparent on all clothing for girls and women, and boys' clothing was more ornamented than it had previously been.

Victorian Clothing for Girls

Girls clothing consisted of dresses, pinafores, petticoats and pantaloons. In addition, several accessories were added, especially in the winter months. Clothing was brightly colored, and layered over a lot of white undergarments. Dresses for young girls came to just below the knee, and as the girl grew older, the skirt slowly became longer. By the age of 17, her skirt was full-length. In most other ways, girls' clothing resembled women's clothing. A lot of ruffles and lace were used, and even young girls wore petticoats that gathered in the back.

Pinafores kept the dresses from getting dirty, and cold-weather accessories were not just to keep the children warm! Fur muffs are an iconic accessory of the era, alongside short capes that kept the shoulders warm. Girls also wore hats; on a fashion note, most girls had bangs peeking out from under their hats in this era.

Victorian Clothing for Boys

Boys' clothing was not as highly ornamented as girls' clothing, and the colors were far more muted: navy blue, grays, browns, and natural fabrics for shirts. Boys' clothing did carry some ornamentation: buttons that were big and shiny, as well as some cuff ornamentation on sleeves, especially on more formal jackets than everyday wear jackets. Like young Victorian girls, Victorian boys wore short pants from the ages of five to ten. From birth to age five, boys wore dresses, and then graduated to pants that came just below the knees. These pants had buttons on the side of the waist. Eventually, the side buttons were replaced by front buttons and suspenders, and the pants became longer, a sign of growing up. Aside from the difference in pants, boys' Victorian clothing very much resembled adult men's.

Buying Victorian Children's Clothing

Victorian clothing for kids can be found at a few online boutiques that specialize in vintage clothing items. For example, Victorian Elegance offers a small collection of dresses and christening gowns, as well as a few accessories. While the selection is small, the items breathe the style of the Victorian era, and are genuine antiques from the fashion world.

Vintage Textile offers an impressive selection of clothing and accessories from the Victorian era, as well as several others. Be prepared for steep prices, but for the shopper looking for authentic and truly beautiful period items, this boutique has a lot to offer. The selection ranges from fingerless gloves and lace parasols to full-length capes and beautifully ornamented wedding dresses.

Making Victorian Clothing

If you would like to create a custom girl's dress in the Victorian style for a special occasion, a school play, or a Halloween costume, with a sewing machine and a little creativity, you can be on your way. Just remember to put lots of lace and embellishments into your design, and it should come out looking somewhat authentic.

Victorian Clothing for Kids