Preppy Boys Clothes

preppy boys clothes

Preppy boys' clothes can make any boy look like a little gentleman, whether he's headed to a casual event or somewhere dressier.

What Is Preppy?

A boy doesn't have to attend an exclusive prep school to wear preppy clothing. Preppy clothes are classics which never go out of style. Although argyle sweaters won't always be the "in" fashion trend, true preppies always have a collection of preppy wear on hand. Some of the basic pieces you'll find that define preppy attire include:

  • Oxford shirts: A white, button-up Oxford is classic, but you can find striped versions as well.
  • Polo shirts: Available in a wide range of colors (including solids and striped), polos work with shorts and slacks.
  • Khaki pants: Made of cotton, cotton-twill or polyester, these dressy casual pants are perfect for events that call for more than jeans.
  • Madras shorts: These vibrant plaid print shorts work well with polo shirts.
  • Khaki shorts: Like their longer counterparts, khaki shorts are for warm weather occasions that call for something a little dressier.
  • Argyle sweater vests: A preppy staple, argyle patterns come in a range of colors and can adorn vests and socks.
  • Solid sweater vests: Perfect for fall and winter, these can add warm layers beneath sports coats or jackets.
  • Cardigan sweaters: Wear it or drape it casually over the shoulders.
  • Leather belts
  • Loafers: Wear them with socks or without.

Preppy clothes work for all ages, from young kids to adults. Even boys who prefer rough-and-tumble wear like tees and jeans can get dressed in preppy boys' clothes from time to time. Most parents love to see their little boys wear clothes that make them look like young men.

Finding Preppy Boys' Clothes

Preppy clothes may not be as easy to find as typical boy attire like graphic print tee shirts, jeans and jean shorts, but you can find them in all price points. High-end stores that sell designer names like Ralph Lauren (a line that defines preppy clothing for men, women and children) or Calvin Klein usually carry preppy clothes, but expect to pay designer prices. You can also shop children's boutiques or stores like Dillard's, Belk or any number of outlets for upscale boys clothes without paying an arm and a leg.

For some shoppers, preppy and designer labels go hand-in-hand, but it's not always necessary to pay upwards of $100.00 for a shirt that a boy may only wear for one year. Frugal parents can still outfit their young sons in preppy wear without going broke. Online, check out retailers like Baby Boy, which has pants, sweater vests and shirts in a wide variety, including some pieces that parents will love to buy for their preppy boy.

When to Dress Preppy

While sweater vests and khaki pants aren't practical for everyday play, when a boy may be more interested in climbing trees than keeping clean, preppy clothes are perfect for other occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Religious services
  • Parties

Keeping Preppy Clothes

Unless a boy wears his preppy attire every day, chances are these pieces will hold up well. Most boys prefer more casual gear for daily wear, so dressy casual clothes usually last quite a while and can be stored away and passed on to younger siblings. Many of these items will look like new after years of being handed down.

Even if a boy isn't headed to an Ivy League college, he can still be dressed well for many different occasions in preppy attire. He may be persuaded to wear an adorable pair of Madras shorts and complementary polo shirt one day, while slipping into his favorite old tee and jeans the next. Preppy clothes are classic and enduring enough to always be in style.

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Preppy Boys Clothes