Dressy Suits for Little Boys

little boy in brocade vest and hat

Everyone loves dressy suits for little boys. They always look adorable in these dressy clothes. A wise parent knows that in years to come, it might be difficult to get them to dress well without an argument. Suitable suits can be had at reasonable prices, so that while the boy might outgrow it quickly, you'll be sure to have a charming memory.

Little Guys' Styles, Past and Present

For decades, boys' formal wear was very formal indeed. In fact, boys were dressed in what could be considered formal suits even for school and play, although these were separate from their party suits. The classic velvet Little Lord Fauntleroy suit jacket, with elaborate lace collars, cuffs and blouses, was seen well into the 1920s. The trousers had already been replaced by shorts, sometimes with high socks or stockings, since the turn of the century. Even when boys dressed like small men, in suit jackets and vests, they were still distinguished by short pants (breeches) and bow ties.

Sailor suits were also common. Even girls wore a variation on the suit. From the end of the first world war through the 1950s, they were seen, although they were most popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

These days, variations on classic styles can still be seen. It is often popular to dress a little boy to look like a small man in dress trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and bow tie, which is often attached to the shirt for the sake of ease. However, a child might look cuter and be more comfortable in short pants with a vest instead.

Shopping for Boys' Formal Clothes

Shopping for dressy suits for little boys can be fun for parents who get bored with the excess of casual clothes their sons wear. Designers of children's clothing often put a lot of care into these items, because unlike girls, boys will wear simple suits exactly like their fathers' before they even hit the tween years. With that being the case, there's no reason not to have a little fun.

Best Dressed Child

At Best Dressed Child, you can get a classic Eton suit in black velvet. It consists of shorts, a white dress shirt with a round collar and the lapel-free Eton jacket. This is the dressiest suit on the site, but you should browse the others and see how charming a boy can look in a matching shirt and shorts set with an old-fashioned flair. Paired with white ankle socks and white, blue or black shoes, he will be very much a little boy, but all dressed up.

Rosey Bear Boutique

The vest-and-bow tie look is at once modern and timeless. At Rosey Bear Boutique, you can find sweet and very reasonably priced outfits, consisting of shorts, vest, short-sleeved shirt, tie and a matching cap. They even have a sailor romper in white with navy trim. The matching hat has a fold-up brim. It's a perfect suit for Easter and summer garden parties.

Dapper Lads

Whether for a very formal occasion or something with a vintage style, some of the smartest dressy suits for little boys can be found on Dapper Lads. Although an American site, it has a very British style in both language and offerings. Formal attire is categorized as "Regal Wear", for example, and dress clothes are "Bonny Boys". These include old-fashioned knicker sets, with knee-length breeches worn with suspenders, caps, long-sleeved shirts and argyle socks. Many matching caps are available. You can also buy vests and shirts as separates. Despite the quality design and vintage style, the prices are very reasonable. There's no need to look for cheap clothes when you can find something that looks this good.

Develop a Sense of Style

Modern boys may love their jeans and T-shirts, but if you dress them well for formal occasions at a young age, they'll learn to appreciate the look and develop a great sense of style.

Dressy Suits for Little Boys