Clothes for Chubby Kids

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Shopping for larger sizes can be challenging for people of any age, but it can be especially difficult for kids. Emotions can run high when the same clothes that are front and center in a department store just aren't available in your child's size. Luckily, online stores offer a lot of really cute clothes in just the right sizes for plus-sized children, and your kids can express themselves through fun fashions.

The Best Places to Buy Larger Sizes

Going into a shop without having an idea of what it offers or browsing aimlessly in an online store can waste hours. Instead, go to stores that have specific husky and plus-sized sections to make finding the type of clothes you need a breeze. These garments provide more room for kids, while not being too long in the pant legs or shirt sleeves.

Old Navy

Old Navy has a section for Boys Husky Clothes and one for Girls Plus Size Clothing. They have a diverse selection, and you can mix and match their pieces for a variety of looks from only a few basic staples. What's even cooler is that Old Navy often has sales, and its deal of the day is advertised on its home page. Free shipping is always offered on orders over $50. The following styles are sure to be popular among kids:

  • The Girls Patterned Hi-Lo Swing Top looks great with a skirt or jeans. The dense pattern on a dark background features leaves, flowers and rabbit. Sizes run large (10 - 12), x-large (14) and xx-large (16), and the price is under $15.
  • Old Navy offers the Boys Plaid Twill Shirt in four color combinations. Kids can wear them buttoned up, and a sometimes more flattering alternative is as an open shirt over a t-shirt. This plaid shirt is available in sizes large through XXL.


Kohl's is a department store that has an extensive online selection of Girls Plus Clothing and Boys Husky Clothing. Find good deals on basic wardrobe items like shirts, jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, and even underwear in larger sizes, such as the following cute styles:

  • The SO® Embellished Textured Dress will have girls excited to wear it to school or all over town. Available in plus sizes that run up to 20 1/2, girls can choose between three colors of stripes. This dress can be worn on its own or paired with leggings. The cost typically runs about $15.
  • Lee Relaxed Fit Jeans will help boys enjoy style and comfort whether they're playing or going to school. Available in sizes that range from eight husky to 18 husky, they're durable enough for everyday wear. These jeans start at just $28.00 and are often on sale for an even cheaper price. They have a relaxed fit with plenty of room to move.


Like Old Navy, Sears has Boys Husky Clothing and Girls Plus Clothing sections. Sears has been in business for decades. This store once dominated shopping malls across America, but it's been transitioning more to a focus as an online store in recent years. It has good deals on everything from swimwear to formal clothes for chubby kids. If you don't want to pay shipping, you can have the items shipped directly to your local store. These clothes really stand out:


JCPenney has long provided husky and plus size clothing for kids. Its Girls Plus Size section offers trendy outfits, shirts with popular cartoon characters, casual skirts, and formal dresses. The Boys Husky department features casual shirts, brand name shorts, sweaters, and jackets in larger sizes. JCPenney offers everyday low prices, and the clearance section of its site offers you an easy way to access coupons and special deals that are currently going on. Consider the following JCPenney fashions:

  • The Arizona Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee is available in plus sizes to allow girls to showcase their fashion sense. The shirt is available in over a dozen designs/colors, so there's a good selection to please any girl. Sizes include large (14) and x-large (16), and the price runs around $18 when not on sale.
  • The Arizona Cargo Shorts for boys are available in husky sizes 8 through 20, and you can choose from four colors. Kids can wear these shorts with layers or a simple t-shirt. They retail for about $38, but they are often on sale.


Girls just wanna have fun...or at least fun with their fashion choices. The Justice website simply exudes fun from its girly logo to its vast selection of adorable clothes for plus-sized girls. In addition to fun t-shirts with cute logos, this shop offers accessory recommendations and provides savings when you choose to buy recommended pieces that go together, such as a shirt and scarf. The following beautiful, trendy clothes are created and designed with plus sized girls in mind:

  • The Very Favorite V-Neck Tee is bound to become a girl's go-to top. It's made in a jersey knit, and the light grey color is compatible with almost any other color. Wear it alone or layer it over a tank. The shirt comes in sizes up to 20 and retails under $10.
  • The Star-Studded Patchwork Skinny Jeans are available in plus sizes from 10 1/2 to 18 1/2, and they offer a slimming look no matter what a girl's size is. Patches and star studs give these jeans a high fashion look, but they won't break the bank since they're priced around $35.

Husky Fashions

Boys will be stylish boys when they sport clothes that help them blend in with their peers as well as stand out for who they are. Husky Fashions is for boys who need roomier clothing that's still attractive and comfortable. You'll find pants, jeans, shorts, tops and even swimming trunks. The clothes in this shop have an upscale look and feel while offering low prices. Check out its sale page for the latest deals. Also, consider the following options:

  • The Molokai Navy Bathing Suit can help boys be ready to have fun at the pool alongside their peers. It provides a protection of UPF 50, and it's sure to stay with growing boys for a while thanks to its elastic waist with a drawstring. This bathing suit is available in sizes that range from six husky to 20 husky, and it costs just under $40.
  • Boys will look great in the Blue Husky Oxford Long Sleeve. It has that traditional Oxford style and is available in husky-XL for about $30. While it is formal enough to be worn as part of a school uniform or for a special occasion, it can also be dressed down and worn for a fun weekend day of hanging out with friends.

In addition to these shops where plus size clothing is plentiful, you may also be able to find some good deals on other websites like Macy's and Nordstrom that have clothing in multiple sizes without always having a designated husky or plus-sized sections for kids.

Finding Clothes for Chubby Kids

With all the great shopping options out there, it's easier than ever to find flattering styles for boys and girls. All it takes is a little research about where to shop and a bit of knowledge about what looks great on your child.

Flattering Clothing for Boys

Clothes for chubby kids need to fit properly. If the garments are too big, it only makes the child appear bigger. Instead, try on clothes before buying or measure your child to ensure that online choices will fit well. Pants should be long enough to hit the top of the shoes and should fit around the waist, not beneath it with the tummy hanging over the waistline.

Some flattering styles for boys who are heavy include the following:

  • Dark jeans: Choose deep blue or indigo jeans when you can. Besides camouflaging weight, these colors won't show the dirt that active boys get on their clothing.
  • Vertical details on tops: Vertical stripes or dark panels on t-shirts can help make heavy boys appear more slender. This trick isn't just for adults; it works for kids too.
  • Diagonal details: Besides panels and stripes that go straight up and down, you can also choose shirts with diagonal details, such as wide stripes or swoops that go across the shirt from top to bottom.

Flattering Clothing for Girls

Girls may suffer from closer scrutiny about their weight than boys do, so finding well-fitting clothes that are also flattering can help them feel better about themselves. Look for these details when buying clothes for plus size girls:

  • Flattering patterns and colors: Kids shouldn't wear drab, dark colors just because black is slimming! Children's clothing is usually brightly colored and patterned, so select clothes in colors that a girl likes. This can be pink, purple, blue, lavender, yellow, or any other shade. When she wears her favorite colors, she'll feel better about what she's wearing.
  • Vertical details: Cardigans that button up the center, skinny vertical stripes, and tops that feature interesting details around the neckline (while leaving the rest of the shirt plain) will all elongate and slenderize the figure.
  • Dresses that hit the knee: Girls should wear dresses that are knee-length, not shorter. This is important for age-appropriateness, and it allows her to show off her favorite shoes.

Fun with Kids' Fashion

All children want to feel good in their clothes. Take your time to help your child find the right fit. With the right style choices, boys and girls of all shapes and sizes can feel confident and comfortable in their clothing.

Clothes for Chubby Kids