Beautiful Cotton Nightgowns for Girls

beautiful cotton nightgowns

Party dresses and beautiful cotton nightgowns for girls are perhaps not the most necessary clothing items for children, but they certainly are items that make great gifts and make little girls feel like princesses when they receive them or put them on. If you or someone in your circle of family or friends has a talent for sewing, there are some great patterns offering several variations of a simple style of beautiful cotton nightgowns for girls. If you don't sew, there are also several sources from which to buy beautiful nightgowns online.

Shopping for Beautiful Cotton Nightgowns for Girls

While seamstresses can choose both a pattern and the fabric from which to make a nightgown, there is also something to be said for the simplicity of buying a nightgown from a shop. If you've made the rounds of your local shopping areas with little success, you might try some of these online nightgowns as well as browsing the shops where girls' nightgowns are offered:

  • Christmas nightgown: A beautiful cotton Christmas nightgown that can be worn all winter long
  • Pajama Gram: A little girl will always feel like a princess when she puts on beautiful nighties from this retailer
  • Sara's Prints pink nightgown: An everyday nightgown that is still beautiful and comfortable, and features the favorite color of many girls: pink!

Sewing: Patterns and Fabrics

If you are going to sew some nightgowns yourself, or give someone a pattern and fabric and ask them to sew it for you, you'll first need to choose a pattern you love and a fabric that goes well with that pattern.


Many different types of cotton can be purchased in fabric stores or online, and it's important to choose a weight of cotton that is well-suited to the style of nightgown you are going to make. The lightest of cottons in pastel shades will work best with a sleeveless summer nightie, while a heavy cotton grade in darker colors will probably be better for a long-sleeved, high-collared winter nightgown.

Fabrics can be purchased at many sewing stores and general crafting stores. If you prefer to do as much as possible online, you can purchase fabrics online, but don't forget to consider the cost of shipping when comparison shopping. One great online source with a wide selection of cotton and flannel fabrics is The Cotton Cupboard.


Simplicity Patterns has a few nightgowns among their selection of sleepwear. For a long, classic nightgown, try pattern number 3586 or 3987. Pattern number 8488 has not only a short-sleeve nightgown, but also a long-sleeve robe and a pajama set with pants, making it a very versatile pattern! Likewise, pattern number 9292 offers several different variations: short or long sleeves, long or short skirt, plus a robe and a pants-set. Of course, the fabric you choose will very much affect how the end result turns out. McCALL'S Patterns also offers several nightgown patterns.

Sewing a nightgown yourself makes a great gift, but the online shopping sources are a great bet if you don't have the time or the materials to make the perfect nightgown just how you imagine it. Whether you're looking for a nightgown for your own child or looking for a great gift, beautiful nighties are always appreciated!

Beautiful Cotton Nightgowns for Girls