Baby Swim Trunks

Baby Swim Trunks

Baby swim trunks are a summer necessity for your infant or toddler boy. Such clothing items will typically appear in stores as early as February in anticipation of the spring and summer seasons.

About Baby Swim Trunks

Baby swim trunks can be purchased at almost any store that caters to children's clothing. This includes large everything stores, such as Target and Walmart, or designer boutiques like Gymboree and Janie and Jack. The term "swim trunks" can be used as a catchall term for the entire realm of boys swimsuits, but swim trunks are different from board shorts. Baby board shorts feature a lacing system from the crotch to the waist while swim trunks feature an inner net panty, an elastic waistband and a drawstring. Still, most parents hunting around stores or the Internet for swim trunks will include board shorts into the mix.

Swim trunks for infants between the age of zero to six months are more of a luxury than a necessity. The advent of swim diapers make such swimsuits virtually obsolete, and many parents choose to purchase the swim diapers and forego the swim trunks, which serve solely as a decorative item. Until your child is potty trained, you will likely be using swim diapers under your baby boy's swim trunks. Are baby swim trunks really necessary? They are probably not necessary, but the aesthetic appeal of an infant in a swimsuit is considered a priceless photo op for most parents.

When you are taking your infant to a pool party, dressing your child in only a swim diaper is an unfriendly reminder for the party guests that your baby is not potty trained and will be immersed in the same pool water as everyone else. The cover of a pair of swim trunks helps to disguise this unsettling fact. Therefore, if not for psychologically reassuring purposes alone, purchasing a pair of infant swim trunks isn't such a bad idea.

A Little Fashion Fun

Sure, it's easy and inexpensive enough to hop over to Target and pick up the very simplest and affordable pair of swim trunks for your child. After all, how much swimming will a baby really do during the summer?

This is where it's important to remember that fashion isn't just about functionality, especially when it comes to infants. With the number of dress changes a baby runs through on a daily basis, it's a wonder parents dress their children at all. When preparing your child for the pool, you can always go one step further than the obvious and frugal choices.

Stores like Janie and Jack not only carry swim trunks and board shorts, but they will often provide matching rash guards, sunglasses, and sandals to coordinate with your baby's swim outfit. That's right--outfit. The effect of an infant in a full set of swim gear is absurdly adorable. Stores like Janie and Jack will allow you to match baby's shark-print trunks with a similarly shark-themed rash guard and sharkish sunglasses which will have you spending the entire poolside afternoon trying to keep said sunglasses on your infant's head. However, parents who want their summer vacations to be truly memorable cannot discount the photographic value of their child's swim ensemble. This swim outfit alone will grant some unforgettable vacation slides.

Also, there has been a rise in rash guards within infant clothing stores over the last decade. This is because medical professionals wisely promote the concept of "safe sun exposure" to parents and adults alike. Purchasing a rash guard with your child's swim trunks is an important step in protecting your baby's skin from sun damage that can affect your child later in life. An infant's skin is particularly sensitive to the sun, so a baby rash guard may prove to be more useful for the summer than the swim trunks themselves!

Baby Swim Trunks