80s Girls Clothing

A girl in 80s attire.

Throughout the last five years, fashion designers have been making an effort to bring back 80s inspired fashions onto the runways, so it's no surprise that parents are seeking out 80s girls clothing in appreciation of this fashion trend!

Constituents of 80s Girls Clothing

It's unlikely that you'll be finding shoulder-padded jackets within the racks of girls clothing. Rather, the 80s styles that have made their way into children's stores are more subtle. The key pieces for putting together 80s-inspired looks are:

  • Leggings
  • Full Mesh or Crinoline Skirts
  • Bright Fabrics
  • Metallic Shoes
  • Headbands and Hair accessories
  • Chunky Jewelry

In some cases you may be able to find fishnets for little girls, but these are more scarce. Moreover, since little girls are very active and sometimes careless, one can only imagine how long those fishnets would last. Yet, should they rip in all the right places, your child's fishnets could become an essential component of early 90s fashion.

Finding These Fashions

As previously mentioned, 80s girls clothing hasn't been this widely available for purchase since the actual 80s. Hence, you may have to do some clever shopping to put your look together. Items like leggings have made a huge comeback, and almost every store that sells girls clothing has leggings in its inventory. The wide mesh skirts are not as popular, and tend to be favored by higher-end labels. Headbands are a gamble and metallic shoes may also send you to a separate store.

Essentially, if you're serious about tracking down a lot of 80s-inspired clothing, you may be in for a scavenger hunt all across the mall. Shopping online then can make things considerably easier. This article will focus mainly on the hardest items to find.

The Essential Poof Skirt

Sure, it is sufficiently 80s to throw a denim mini over a pair of black leggings and call it a day. However, for a look that truly brings back the 80s, your daughter needs a tutu-esque skirt that will fan around her like a halo.Ooh! La, La! is a company that, each season, puts out an assortment of ballerina-inspired dresses which cover both the need for bright fabric colors and a poofy skirt. These dresses look absolutely perfect when paired with leggings. Though not exactly inexpensive, the material and construction are top notch and able to withstand the rigorous beatings your little girl will likely provide. Unfortunately, Ooh! La, La's! distribution is limited and you will need to use their official site to find the retailer nearest you, though you can almost always find a few of these dresses online at Nordstrom.

Luna Luna Copenhag created the Scarlet Heaven Tutu, an absolutely flawless piece that can easily be used to create a vivid 80s look. This item is very hard to find in stores and is typically only carried by the swankest of girls boutiques. However, with some astute shopping, you can find it online and very often on sale.

Metallic Shoes and Accessories

During the 80s it was almost customary to pair sneakers like Keds with everything. However, metallic shoes and/or metallic anything also comprised a large portion of 80s accessories. Since it is unlikely that your little girl will be carrying around a handbag at this stage in the game, metallics will be limited to hair accessories and shoes.

Try hunting around online at Nordstrom. Look for shoes that feature a high amount of shine, and don't shun sequins by any means. Sequins are definitively 80s.

Headbands are better the brighter they come. Also, look for bands with vivid and large flower accessories. If you're willing to pay high prices for quality products Tarina Tarantino is the first place to go for 80s-inspired hair pieces and large chunky Lucite jewelry. Tarina even offers an entire line of Barbie jewelry that little girls will love!

Keeping Things Playful

The 80s were a bright playful decade and so, whenever you are dressing your daughter to capture the feel of this time, remember to keep the look playful as well. 80s-inspired clothing is probably not the best attire for "serious days", but in all that color, chunk and flounce, your child will surely have a blast!

80s Girls Clothing